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  • Isaro
  • Isaro

Discrete and flexible road and street lighting lantern with durable high performance

  • IDA Dark Sky Approved
  • *IDA fixture seal of approval relates to <= 3000 K only and clear enclosures, +/- 10° maximum tilt only. Luminaires must be mounted as photometered.
  • Designed to maximize lighting performances, optimize circular economy strategies, while limiting its carbon footprint.
  • Reliable and flexible : high quality die-cast aluminium EN AC 44300 casting and Geomet anti-galvanic treated screws combined with vast range of lighting distributions, control, protection, wiring and color options
  • Highest corrosion protection according to EN ISO 9223 : Class 5
  • Light weight, pre-wired to the needs for easy installation

Materials and Finish

Housing, spigot: die-cast aluminium EN AC 44300, screws treated with Geomet anti-galvanic coating, powder coated texturized light grey (GY), Spigot painted. Via the configurator: Texturized black (BK), Texturized anthracite (ANT) and 48 other RAL possibilities. Standard corrosion class C5 according to ISO 9223: 2012.
Glass: Toughened glass, 4 or 5 mm thickness
Fixings: stainless steel, with geomet treatment

Installation and Mounting

Installation up to 15 m height
• Versatile tilting technology, lateral (-15°/+15°) and post top (0°/+20°)
• Adjustable inclination by increments of 5° to optimize lighting distribution and uniformity
• Universal spigot for lateral and post top installation
• As a standard: possible coastal application thanks to its C5 corrosion protection class (ISO 9223:2012)
• Pre-wired for ease of installation at any pole height. Option with IP67 quick connector if pole cable is retained (refurbishment)


To specify state:
IP66, 2 sizes, corrosion resistant Class 5 (EN ISO 9223) road lighting lantern with great versatility for even coastal applications. With up to 6000 Llm (Extra Small size) and 17000 Lm (Small size), efficiency up to 170 Llm/W. Optimised dimensions, low windage area : 0,028 m² (XS size) and 0,041 m² (S size). Extra White toughened glass underneath (4mm thickness as standard). Option for High Transmission glass (H). IK possibilities : IK08 and IK10 (option). Electrical class 1 and class 2. Mounting options : post top, lateral. Wide optical offer with efficient Street R-PEC optical system, 20 R-PEC light distributions. 2200 K / 2400 K / 2700 K / 3000 K /4000 K / 5700 K colour temperatures, as standard. CRI 70 or 80. Internal back light control louvre.6 kV multi-pulse and 8 kV (3 pulses) as driver standard protection. Option for 10kV/10kA surge protection multi pulse and 20kV single pulse. Option for LED optic lining (M). Post top reversible spigot pre-assembled for diameter 60mm or 76mm post top mounting and diameter 60mm or 42 mm lateral mounting. Tilting possibilities for lateral (-20°/0°) and for post top (0°/+15°). A large choice of colour painting as standard : Texturized light grey (GY) by default - Texturized black (BK), Texturized anthracite (ANT), 48 other RAL possibilities. Pre-wired according to needs through configurator with lengths of cable from 3 to 16m. Option with quick connector IP67 M/F for refurbishment with existing cables retained.
DALI dimmable(HFX) / Bi-Power (BP) / Constant Light Output (CLO)/Light Reduction Twin Phases (LRT). Zhaga interface Up (ZU) / N7 Integral Nema socket - 7 pin, both ZD4i certified.
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Isaro Small, Narrow road optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IS 24L105-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY799735LED4.5996634805
IS 24L105-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY799735LED4.6996635344
IS 24L25-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY192786LED4.6396634800
IS 24L25-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY192786LED4.7396635339
IS 24L35-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY263776LED4.6396634801
IS 24L35-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY263776LED4.7396635340
IS 24L50-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY375198LED4.6396634802
IS 24L50-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY375198LED4.7396635341
IS 24L70-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY526975LED4.6396634803
IS 24L70-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY526975LED4.7396635342
IS 24L85-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY648213LED4.5996634804
IS 24L85-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY648213LED4.6996635343
IS 36L105-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY11714446LED5.2196634811
IS 36L105-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY11714446LED5.3196635350
IS 36L25-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY294170LED4.6996634806
IS 36L25-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY294170LED4.7996635345
IS 36L35-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY395652LED4.6996634807
IS 36L35-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY395652LED4.7996635346
IS 36L50-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY557775LED4.9796634808
IS 36L50-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY557775LED5.0796635347
IS 36L70-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY7610411LED4.9996634809
IS 36L70-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY7610411LED5.0996635348
IS 36L85-730 NR CL1 US7 T76F GY9412228LED5.2196634810
IS 36L85-730 NR CL1 WS7 T76F GY9412228LED5.3196635349