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Elegant urban lantern with durable performance

  • IDA Dark Sky Approved
  • *IDA fixture seal of approval relates to <= 3000 K only and clear enclosures, +/- 10° maximum tilt only. Luminaires must be mounted as photometered.
  • Future proof with Zhaga interface Up, Down, Up and Down, Nighttune and variable light technologies
  • Mostly recyclable and environmental respectful with its ULOR of 0%, R-PEC optics with warm colour temperatures (2200 K / 2400 K /2700 K / 3000 K), internal louvre
  • Durable with high quality materials made of C5 corrosion class die-cast aluminium as standard
  • Flexibility of use : 2 size, top, lateral or suspended mountings, tiltings, dimming and new smart lighting functions to suit any urban application
  • Light weight for ease of use, maintainable

Materials and Finish

Housing, spigot: die-cast aluminium (EN AC 44300), powder coated texturized anthracite grey. Via the configurator: Spigot not painted (ANT-S), Texturized black (BK), Texturized light grey (GY) and 48 other RAL possibilities
Standard corrosion class C5 according to ISO 9223: 2012.
Glass: Toughened glass, 4 or 5 mm thickness
Fixings: stainless steel, with anti-galvanic treatment

Installation and Mounting

• Available in 2 sizes and can be installed at various heights.
• Choice of mountings : post-top, lateral, suspended
• Universal spigot for lateral and post top installation with adjustable angles (lateral (-20°/0°) and post top (0°/+15°), 5° steps.
• Choice of diameters to suit multiple masts and brackets (Ø 60mm and Ø 76mm post-top mounting, Ø 42mm and Ø 60mm lateral mounting, 34G male for suspended mounting, 2 versions MSU and MSUL).
• Light weight for ease of manipulation
• Pre-wired depending on version - (Any configuration, available in MyProduct Configurator).
• Recommended height for the small luminaire is 3 to 6m,
• Recommended height for the large luminaire is 6 to 10m.
• Additional features available for comfort and wellbeing in urban and residential streets and roads, parkings, transportation, city centres, pedestrian and cycle paths, parks and promenades


To specify state:
IP66, 2 size, corrosion resistant Class 5 decorative lantern with great versatility. With up to 12000 Llm (Small size) and 20 000 Llm (Large size), efficiency up to 165 Llm/W. IK possibilities : IK08 and IK10 (option). Electrical class 1 and class 2. Offering 4 mounting variants : post top, lateral, suspended, wall mounted. Wide optical offer with efficient Street R-PEC optical system, 26 R-PEC light distributions (symmetrical and asymmetrical). 2200 K / 2400 K /2700 K / 3000 K /4000 K colour temperatures, as standard. Internal back light control louvre, as standard.10Kv surge protection multi pulse and 20Kv single pulse, as standard. Post top reversible spigot pre-assembled for diameter 60mm or 76mm post top mounting and diameter 60mm or 42 mm lateral mounting. Delivered by default in post top mounting. Tilting possibilities for lateral (-20°/0°) and for post top (0°/+15°). 2 suspended versions through 34G, with short (MSU) and long (MSUL) threaded tube. A large choice of colour painting as standard : Texturized anthracite (ANT) by default - Texturized black (BK), Texturized light grey (GY), 48 other RAL possibilities and Spigot not painted (ANT-S). Not pre-wired or pre-wired (through configurator) with lengths of cable from 3 to 12m.
DALI dimmable(HFX) / Bi-Power (BP) / Constant Light Output (CLO)/Bi-power Line (BPL)/Light Reduction Twin Phases (LRT)/ Zhaga interface Up, Down, Up and Down (ZU, ZD, ZUD) / N7 Integral Nema socket - 7 pin / PM Integral mini photocell / Multi-Layers Dimming Scenario 1 (MLD1 with NightTune), NightTune (722-40) and Variable light solution.
Can be combined with decorative brackets and columns.
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