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For sophistication and comfort in urban life

  • IDA Dark Sky Approved
  • *IDA fixture seal of approval relates to <= 3000 K only and clear enclosures, +/- 10° maximum tilt only. Luminaires must be mounted as photometered.
  • Exclusively designed for Thorn by world renowned architects, city planners and designers Wilmotte & Industries
  • Unique signature at day and night thanks to an optical system designed with special care for comfort
  • Outstanding versatility: 22 optics, 2 sizes, 3 mounting options to fulfill a wide scope of projects
  • Part of the URBA family with Urba Deco and Urba bollard
  • Future proof with Zhaga interface Up, Down, Up and Down, NightTune and variable light distribution technologies

Materials and Finish

URBA body: die cast aluminium EN-AC 44300 with zinc flake coated screws. Suitable for C5 (standard corrosion class according to ISO 9223 : 2012) without additional coating.
A large choice of colour painting as standard : texturized anthracite (ANT) by default - texturized black (BK), texturized light grey (GY), 48 other RAL possibilities.
Glass: tempered flat glass.
Frame: aluminium - powder polycarbonate, metallized aluminium and varnish
Deflector: ABS anti-UV white (RAL 9016)

Brackets with coordinated columns:
Painted galvanised steel, anthracite grey textured finish.
Two diameter conical columns dedicated to Urba post top lantern:
Painted aluminium, anthracite grey textured finish

Installation and Mounting

Available in 2 sizes and can be installed at various heights.
Luminaire: Supplied complete and ready to install, in a single box. Post-top mounting Ø60mm or Ø76mm, spigot length 100mm. Side-entry mounting Ø60mm with adjustable tilt angles: 0°, -5°, -10°. Recommended pre-wiring via MyProduct Configurator.
Brackets with coordinated columns. Mounting heights for Urba small: 4 to 6m, for Urba Large: 6 to 9m. Columns delivered with anchoring bolts. Aluminium columns (diameters: internal 76mm, external 96mm - internal 60mm and external 81mm) with flange mountings: 200 x 200mm. Galvanized steel columns with flange mountings: 300x300mm


To specify Urba luminaire state:
IP66, 2 sizes, corrosion resistant class 5 urban lantern with up to 11000 lm (small size) and 25 000 lm (large size), efficiency up to up to 150 lm/W (3000K @ 350 mA) and up to 165 lm/W (4000K @ 350 mA). Highly designed urban street lantern with 3 mounting options (side entry and post top mountings, wall mounting) and 22 highly efficient R-PEC optic. 60mm and 76mm diameters. Lateral mounting with tilt adjustments. 2200 K /2700 K / 3000 K /4000 K / 2200-4000 K / 2200-3000 K colour temperatures, as standard. A large choice of colour painting as standard : texturized anthracite (ANT) by default - texturized black (BK), texturized light grey (GY), texturized white (WH) 48 other RAL possibilities. Pre-wired (through configurator) with lengths of cable from 3 to 16m. Internal back light control louvre, as standard. 10Kv surge protection multi pulse and 20Kv single pulse, as standard. Zhaga up (ZU), Zhaga down (ZD) and both Zhaga up and down (ZUD) interfaces for compatibility with wireless functionalities in the market. DALI dimmable(HFX) / Bi-Power (BP) / Constant Light Output (CLO) / Bi-power Line (BPL) / Light Reduction Twin Phases (LRT) / Multi-Layers Dimming Scenario 1 (MLD1) / NightTune (722-40) and Variable light solution (722-40 with VM optic - 722-30 with VS optic). Can be combined with decorative Urba brackets and columns.
As Thorn Urba

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