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DuoProof 2

  • DuoProof 2
  • DuoProof 2
  • DuoProof 2

Cleanroom luminaire, suitable for industrial, health and care and educational installations

  • Hygienically designed with a thermoformed PMMA cover for easy cleaning, chemical resistance, and sustained IP protection under exposure to higher temperatures
  • Certified by the Fraunhofer institute for ISO 1-9 cleanrooms, and GMP compliance
  • HACCP certification for use in industrial kitchens and food production areas

Materials and Finish

Housing: welded steel, painted white with an antistatic powder-coating.
Cover: thermoformed PMMA

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for ceiling mounting as lay-in installation, or mounting with NIV-Sets (available as an accessory).
Lay-in installation is recommended to be accompanied with silicone sealing of the edges.


To specify state:
Cleanroom luminaire for recessed ceiling mounting in square or rectangular fittings with lumen output up to 5600lm, CRI>80, 4000K. Cleanroom certified ISO 1-9 as per EN ISO 14644-1. Complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations. Cover made of PMMA for chemical resistance in clean rooms and industry applications.
As Thorn DuoProof 2.

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