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A discreet urban element that puts light where and when people need it

  • With its soft glow, Aerie provides the best visual comfort during the night life through the urban environment
  • Most advanced retrofit and sustainable solution to adapt to any urban project with regards to day and night aesthetic, photometrical needs and controls requirements
  • Delivers light only when people need it, with its high-quality integrated motion sensor, enabling energy savings while ensuring safety
  • Can be installated close to residences thanks to its unobtrusive external louvre that can easily be added on-site
  • Offers a great flexibility of mast configurations, styles, mountings and heights
  • Can be installed in the most demanding areas such as sea sides and high temperature environments

Materials and Finish

Base and canopy: corrosion resistant die cast aluminium (EN AC-44300), powder coated texturized anthracite (close to RAL7043). Standard corrosion class C5 according to ISO 9223: 2012.
Additional colours available via myProduct
Bowl : UV stabilised polycarbonate - clear (IK10) and opal finishes
Internal highly reflective white reflector

Installation and Mounting

Post top mounting : Ø60mm and Ø76mm, pre-wired for ease of installation, with one tool. 120° fixing screws for a perfect adjustment on the pole, toolless opening with quick access from above, toolless maintenance of the gear tray, maintenance of bowl possible on site.


To specify state:
Post top LED lantern with a timeless design with a variety of optical cover shapes and finishes to adapt to different environments and needs. Efficient (Up to 146 lm/W (3000 K) - up to 160 lm/W (4000 K) R-PEC or A-PEC optic with a choice of light distributions for precise light placement with minimum waste of light. Comfortable for citizens thanks to an optimized diffuser. Wide range of intelligent lighting control solutions from stand-alone dimming to full remote control via central monitoring system. Incorporates up to two Zhaga connectors located on and/or underneath the canopy for a completely flexible and futureproof solution.
As Thorn Aerie

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Aerie Wide

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
ARW 18L105-740 RS CL-D CL1 W5 T76 ANT607246LED11.2396632916
ARW 18L35-740 RS CL-D CL1 W5 T76 ANT202795LED11.2296632308
ARW 18L50-740 RS CL-D CL1 W5 T76 ANT283850LED11.2396632914
ARW 18L70-740 RS CL-D CL1 W5 T76 ANT395175LED11.2396632915

Aerie Wide, Wide street comfort optic

Aerie Slim, Rotationally symmetric optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
ARS 18L105-740 RS CL-D CL1 W5 T76 ANT606972LED11.2496632927
ARS 18L35-740 RS CL-D CL1 W5 T76 ANT202688LED11.2496632311
ARS 18L50-740 RS CL-D CL1 W5 T76 ANT283703LED11.2496632925
ARS 18L70-740 RS CL-D CL1 W5 T76 ANT394977LED11.2496632926

Aerie Slim, Wide street comfort optic

Aerie accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
ARS LV0.8096632481
ARW LV0.8096632480