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Elegance and intelligence for urban space

  • Its elegant appearance and gentle glow brings safety and identity to any urban space
  • The perfect focal glow with its high-tech mixing chamber, minimizes glare and maximizes efficiency for an unobtrusive luminous effect with 2 bowls esthetics
  • Respectful of the environment with warm color temperature and reduced upward lighting <1% with dedicated optics
  • Fully integrated motion detection sensor communicating through pilot wire or Zhaga interface
  • Zd4i certified on request

Materials and Finish

Base and canopy: corrosion resistant die cast powder-coated aluminium (EN AC-44300) finished texturized anthracite grey (close to RAL7043) Via the configurator: Texturized light grey (GY), Black (BK) and 48 other RAL possibilities.
Corrosion class C5 according to ISO 9223: 2012.
Diffuser: UV stabilised polycarbonate semi-frosted or clear.
Internal reflector: highly reflective white.

Installation and Mounting

Post top mounting: on spigot/columns Ø60mm or Ø76mm. Low weight for ease of manipulation. Pre-wired for ease of installation, 1 tool. 120° fixing screws for perfect adjustment on the pole. Maintenance with access from above, 1 tool.


To specify state:
Decorative post top LED lantern, 2 enclosure finish, extensive optical, lumen and light distribution choice. Efficient R-PEC or A-PEC optic with a choice of light distributions for precise light placement with minimum waste of light. Comfortable for citizens, thanks to an optimized diffuser. Wide range of intelligent lighting control solutions: DALI2 dimmable(HFX), Bi-Power (BP), Constant Light Output (CLO), Bi-power Line (BPL), Light Reduction Twin Phases (LRT), Zhaga interface Up (ZU), Motion detection (MAS/SLA or MZ/SZ)
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Volupto, Radial symmetric optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
VO 18L105-740 SF RS CL1 W5 T60 ANT607458LED7.5996631909
VO 18L35-740 SF RS CL1 W5 T60 ANT202856LED7.5996631903
VO 18L50-740 SF RS CL1 W5 T60 ANT283938LED7.5996631905
VO 18L70-740 SF RS CL1 W5 T60 ANT395294LED7.5996631907

Volupto, Wide street comfort optic