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CONTUS Trunking System

  • Energy-efficient LED continuous row luminaire with light efficiency of up to 163 lm/W
  • Provides optimal linear illuminance for your application area, such as Retail, Logistics & Industry, with a choice of 4 beam angles; Wide Beam, Very Wide Beam, Narrow Beam and Shelf Beam
  • Colour tolerance between several luminaires of max. 3 MacAdam ellipses
  • LED Service life: up to L80 at 50.000h
  • Phase selection for 3 phase circuits and 2 emergency lighting circuits
  • 100 % flexible, tool-free mechanical and electrical installation via the two side-mounted rotary levers

Materials and Finish

Trunking units: pre-coated roll form steel, white (similar to RAL9016)
Electrical feeds: pre-coated roll form steel, white (similar to RAL9016), combined with galvanised steel mechanical connector
Battens: pre-coated roll form steel, white (similar to RAL9016)
End caps: Polycarbonate for Trunking, Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate for Battens
Mounting accessory: Stainless steel wall/ceiling mount components
Diffuser/Lens: injection moulded PMMA Plastic

Installation and Mounting

CONTUS continuous-row lighting system can be installed without the need for tools. Thanks to a unique, factory mounted connector, the trunking units can be connected mechanically and electrically at the same time. Luminaires simply lock into place and can be repositioned easily at any time.
An easy to use mounting bracket provides the connection between the wall or ceiling and the trunking. A cord suspension can be fixed to the trunking without the use of any tool by exerting slight pressure, and it can also be moved as required. Pendant height adjustment is also entirely tool-free. The distance between the suspension points can be up to 3 meters. The system can be installed in an environment with ambient temperatures of -10°C up to +35°C degrees for HE luminaires and -10°C up to +30°C degrees for HO luminaires.


To specify state:
An extremely diverse and highly efficient continuous-row lighting system designed to fulfil a wide range of lighting scenarios from simple light lines in a storage environment, to more involved retail applications including emergency lighting. The 11-pole trunking offers a versatile solution for all of today's or tomorrow's demands: power supply, light control and emergency light are the basic framework for high flexibility. If building designs are changed then the lighting system can be expanded, repositioned or reprogrammed at all times and without tools. With the various lens systems, different light distribution characteristics can be utilised based on the specific visual tasks.
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Contus, batten, length 1000mm

Contus, batten, length 1500mm


Contus, trunking units

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CONTUS T L1500 WH2.9096635827
CONTUS T L2000 WH3.7096635828
CONTUS T L2500 WH4.4996635829
CONTUS T L4000 WH6.6096635830

Contus, Electrical feed

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CONTUS TA WH0.5696635831
CONTUS TA-F WH2.0496635832
CONTUS TE L500 WH1.4096635833
CONTUS TE WH0.7096636186
CONTUS TM L750 WH1.4596635835
CONTUS TM TA/TE L500 WH1.3096635834

Contus, Node Connector

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CONTUS T-VL1 WH1.3596635838
CONTUS T-VL2 WH1.8496635839
CONTUS T-VL3 WH1.7096635840
CONTUS T-VL4 WH1.8896635841
CONTUS T-VT1 WH2.1096635842
CONTUS T-VT2 WH2.4296635843
CONTUS T-VT3 WH2.9096635844
CONTUS T-VT4 WH2.4296635845

Contus, mounting components

Contus, cover strip

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
TECTON/CONTUS T/KK AK 1498 PP WH0.1022170178
TECTON/CONTUS T/KK AK 1997 PP WH0.1422170180