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Healthcare Lighting

No application demands more from lighting than healthcare. Clinicians need precision and power, while patients need calm and comfort. There’s a lot to get right – and that’s why Thorn is here to help. Please scroll below to see more healthcare sub applications.

Light that supports care

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Case Study: Durham Treatment Centre, UK

Discover how light is helping to deliver the best possible patient experience.

Video: Healthcare lighting from Thorn

Benefit from Thorn’s decades of experience to create great healthcare lighting.

10 questions to ask on every hospital lighting project

Healthcare settings present a wide range of lighting challenges. From the reception area to the recovery room, here are the key questions you’ll need to consider.

How to create healthcare lighting that meets the needs of doctors – and patients

In healthcare, each space has different priorities which must be balanced. Here’s how.

How quality lighting helps patients recover

Good quality light can support patients’ wellbeing and help them recover faster. Discover how better design supports better outcomes.

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