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Education Lighting

Ready to deliver game-changing lighting for education in 2021? Thorn is here to help you make it happen. Our solutions cover everything from classrooms to car parks, and labs to libraries. Thorn have the solution to all your educational needs.

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Lighting for educational settings

Primary schools

Primary schools brochure
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Secondary schools

Secondary schools brochure
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Universities and academies

Universities and academies
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LET’S TALK LIGHT: How light can help pupils learn

Discover the role of lighting in education, what makes a good school environment and how light influences human performance, helping pupils to learn.

LET’S TALK LIGHT: 5 questions to ask in every school lighting project

Your step by step guide to successfully planning and delivering a school lighting project.

LET’S TALK LIGHT: School lighting in practice

Covering the complete school, inside and out. We offer best practice advice, product solutions, and discuss new technologies to improve schools.

Gibside School, UK

Gibside school - classroom
Overcoming challenges at a new, flagship, state-of-the-art primary school

Thorn improves learning environment at Gelliswick Primary School, Wales

The lighting solution provided by Thorn has helped the school to provide the best quality education to all children in the area and the best services to the local community.

Education Lighting Video

From entrance halls to classrooms and from auditoriums to libraries, light can play a key role in creating the right environment for students and teachers.

10 questions to ask on every school lighting project

10 Questions
From classrooms to bathrooms and corridors to cafeterias, here’s what you need to be on top

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Thorn aids effective learning at Ladyloan Primary School


Thorn Lighting has supplied a range of fittings to Ladyloan Primary School, Arbroath, Angus for use throughout the facility. 

Brighter pupils

Good quality lighting isn’t just about energy efficiency and great looking spaces. Better lighting can also support better learning. Our new Education Lighting guide: Brighter Pupils, shows you how to bring these benefits to your next lighting project in a school or other educational setting.

Brilliant Plays – our sports lighting guide

Borchure sports
The following guide provides an overview of key aspects to consider when planning and designing a lighting installation for brilliant plays in sports venues

How pupils learn – and how light can help

Science is revealing more and more about the effect of natural and articial light on how we work and how we learn

Acoustics and lighting in schools – solving both problems at once


Good light and sound are essential for learning, and well designed classrooms provide both

Thorn provides a comprehensive lighting solution that supports learning at Broughton Primary School


Thorn’s brief for lighting the Broughton Primary School in Edinburgh was to contribute to a finished effect that provided the perfect environment for pupils and staff.

Riverbank Primary School

Thorn Lighting has helped deliver a sustainable learning centre for Riverbank Primary School in Dalmarnock, Glasgow