Smooth traffic flows, safety and cost savings are the main priorities when deciding for the right street lighting. Thanks to smart street lighting with integrated controls, advanced optics and future proof technology, urban lighting needs can easily be adapted and updated. Our wide range of product families allow cities to manage, maintain, and monitor their lighting simply and efficiently. The projects here demonstrate how lighting which considers safety, visibility, durability, efficiency, longevity and performance can be successfully applied.


UK council slashes street lighting costs with the help of Thorn

Thousands of street lights in Derbyshire have been replaced by Thorn’s CiviTEQ, providing long-lasting and highly efficient light


This complex lighting solution provides safe and comfortable driving conditions.

The innovative solution facilitates visibility and guidance and brings a new visual identity to the bridge.


With an enhanced light quality Sunderland saves hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

More than 27,000 sodium street lamps in Sunderland have been replaced by new LED versions.

Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University, Scotland

Thorn’s Isaro LED lantern reduces energy costs, maintenance and light pollution for Heriot-Watt University

South Tyneside, UK

South Tyneside, UK

South Tyneside Council get energy streetwise with Thorn Lighting
Thurrock Council

Thurrock Council, England

Thurrock Council Get Street-wise with Energy Saving CiviTEQ Lanterns

Darlington, UK

Darlington Borough Council are Streets Ahead with Thorn’s CiviTEQ Lanterns
The Thorn Experience – Durham County Council

Durham County Council, Durham

A partnership spanning more than 50 years, based on trust and innovation

Salford, UK

Salford City Council, Salford

Salford City Council upgrades more than 10 000 streetlights and achieves energy savings of 60% with Urban Vision Partnership and Thorn Lighting

Cumbran Roundabout

Cumbran, Wales

Town roundabout gets a lighting face-lift
Douglas Borough Council

Douglas Borough Council sees the light with Thorn LED lanterns

Douglas Borough Council, has chosen Thorn Lighting’s popular R2L2 Small & Medium fittings.
North Tyneside

North Tyneside saves cash and slashes carbon emissions

Thorn Lighting is helping North Tyneside Council to save millions of pounds and help the environment through the refurbishment of thousands of street lamps.