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IQ Wave SP

  • IQ Wave SP
  • IQ Wave SP

Comfort without compromise for office & education. A logical range extension to the IQ wave family for surface and suspended

  • Design: Form follows function. Simple and flowing lines create a modern but simplistic aesthetic, perfect for an elegant office interior.
  • Optics: Innovative and Thorn patented MV tech optic offers excellent uniformity and glare control, direct/indirect light for illuminance on faces and walls to encourage a comfortable, communicative working environment.
  • Controls: Integrated sensors allow you to create flexible control systems suited to your needs. Wireless solution controlled via App with Bluetooth® 4.x - basicDim Wireless. Also available are integrated PIR and microwave sensors.
  • Additional sensor, controls, wireless, wiring and mounting options are available through myProduct
  • Versions adapted for mounting onto Contus trunking available.

Materials and Finish

Frame and end caps: polycarbonate.
Diffuser and body: polycarbonate, aluminium heatsink.
Gear tray: pre-coated white steel with polycarbonate endcaps.
Contus adapter: pre-coated roll form steel, white (similar to RAL9016).

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for suspension with included Y suspension Kit and pre-assembled power cord.
Suitable for direct surface or BESA mounting, central or end-cap cable entries.
Continuous run:
For Through Wiring on a continuous run – you will require to use myProduct to order the Through Wiring version (see TW in Variants). For continuous run please also order connector kit to connect standard or through wiring luminaires together.
Contus Trunking:
Versions adapted for Contus trunking come pre-assembled, ready to fit quickly and easily with twist & lock mechanical/electrical connections.


To specify state:
A lightweight surface or suspended luminaire with MV Tech Optic. LED indirect light source. Possibility to install as continuous run; BESA installation and through wiring. Indirect/Direct split of 23/77 (HU 60/40); 3000K/4000K colour temperature, CRI>80 and a lifetime of 50 000 hours @ L90 Ta 25°C including high efficacy at 123 lm/W, UGR<19. With control systems, PIR, MWS, BC.
As Thorn IQ Wave surface/suspended.

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IQ Wave Surface, dimmable

Description   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IQ SURF L LED4250-830 HFIXIQLSF4250X3KLED5.0096628944
IQ SURF L LED4250-840 HFIXIQLSF4250X4KLED5.0096628945
IQ SURF L LED4900-830 HFIXIQLSF4900X3KLED5.0096628946
IQ SURF L LED4900-840 HFIXIQLSF4900X4KLED5.0096628947
IQ SURF L LED6700-830 HFIXIQLSF6700X3KLED5.0096628948
IQ SURF L LED6700-840 HFIXIQLSF6700X4KLED5.0096628949
IQ SURF S LED2600-830 HFIXIQSSF2600X3KLED4.1096628940
IQ SURF S LED2600-840 HFIXIQSSF2600X4KLED4.1096628941
IQ SURF S LED4250-830 HFIXIQSSF4250X3KLED4.1096628942
IQ SURF S LED4250-840 HFIXIQSSF4250X4KLED4.1096628943

IQ Wave Surface, dimmable (variants)

IQ Wave Surface, dimmable, emergency

IQ Wave Surface, basicDIM

IQ Wave Surface, basicDIM, emergency

IQ Wave Surface

Description   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IQ SURF L LED4250-830 HFIQLSF4250Z3KLED4.9096629270
IQ SURF L LED4250-840 HF WHIQLSF4250Z4KLED4.9096629271
IQ SURF L LED4900-830 HFIQLSF4900Z3KLED4.9096629272
IQ SURF L LED4900-840 HF WHIQLSF4900Z4KLED4.9096629273
IQ SURF L LED6700-830 HFIQLSF6700Z3KLED4.9096629274
IQ SURF L LED6700-840 HF ASYLED4.9096629309
IQ SURF L LED6700-840 HF WHIQLSF6700Z4KLED4.9096629275
IQ SURF S LED2600-830 HFIQSSF2600Z3KLED4.0096629266
IQ SURF S LED2600-840 HF WHIQSSF2600Z4KLED4.0096629267
IQ SURF S LED4250-830 HFIQSSF4250Z3KLED4.0096629268
IQ SURF S LED4250-840 HF WHIQSSF4250Z4KLED4.0096629269

IQ Wave Surface, emergency

IQ Wave Surface, sensor

IQ Wave Suspended, dimmable

IQ Wave Suspended, dimmable (variants)

Description   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IQ SUSP S LED4900-840 BC ML3LED4.5096631046
IQ SUSP S LED6700-840 BC ML3LED4.5096631047

IQ Wave Suspended, dimmable, emergency

IQ Wave Suspended, dimmable, through wiring

IQ Wave Suspended, Contus

IQ Wave Suspended, basicDIM

Description   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IQ SUSP S LED2600-840 BC ML3 WHLED4.4092912557
IQ SUSP S LED4250-840 BC ML3LED4.4092902295

IQ Wave Suspended, basicDIM, emergency

IQ Wave Suspended

Description   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IQ SUSP S LED2600-830 HF ML3IQSS2600Z3KLED4.3096629276
IQ SUSP S LED2600-840 HF ML3 WHIQSS2600Z4KLED4.3096629277
IQ SUSP S LED4250-830 HF ML3IQSS4250Z3KLED4.3096629278
IQ SUSP S LED4250-840 HF ML3 WHIQSS4250Z4KLED4.3096629279
IQ SUSP S LED4900-830 HF ML3IQSS4900Z3KLED4.3096629280
IQ SUSP S LED4900-840 HF ML3 WHIQSS4900Z4KLED4.3096629281
IQ SUSP S LED6700-830 HF ML3IQSS6700Z3KLED4.3096629282
IQ SUSP S LED6700-840 HF ML3 WHIQSS6700Z4KLED4.3096629283

IQ Wave Suspended, emergency

IQ Wave Suspended, sensor

Description   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IQ SUSP S LED6700-830 HFSX ML5LED4.5096629307

IQ Wave Suspended, through wiring

Description   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IQ SUSP S LED2600-840 HF TW6LED5.2092901666

IQ Wave Accessories

IQ Wave, Infill panels