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  • Voyager One

Combining the best of 2 worlds: safety luminaire & safety sign luminaire in one

  • As well as being a high-performing safety luminaire, Voyager One can also fulfil the requirements of a safety sign luminaire. It’s two products in one
  • Voyager One is an ultra-slim emergency luminaire that also achieves high levels of protection. The luminaire balances a simple blade appearance with IP65 protection against dust and moisture
  • Thorn stands for quality and practical products. With this in mind, we make sure installation of luminaires is as easy as possible. The screw-free housing is easy to assemble, and accessories are easy to attach

Materials and Finish

Housing: white polycarbonate
Cover: transparent polycarbonate

Installation and Mounting

Tool-less 'Click' mounting after fitting the housing base. Click adapter for wall surface mounting within scope of delivery.


To specify state:
Industrial safety luminaire, suitable for surface wall and ceiling mounting, additional click-optics optimised for escape routes and open areas from higher mounting heights available. IP65 vent for outdoor usage (only central supply), emergency lighting in maintained or non-maintained mode, click in legends with recognition distance: EN - 15m and EN - 30m available. Self contained luminaire with 3 hours emergency duration from Nickel Metal Hydride batteries with manual test, autotest and controltest, display of luminaire status via status LED (selfcontained only), central supply circuit monitoring or central supply individual monitoring via SET009 versions capability. IP65. Class II electrical.
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