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Lighting is integral to education, facilitating learning and providing a comfortable environment for students and teachers. From primary schools to universities, halls to lecture theatres, our capacity for providing lighting for education is vast. The projects here demonstrate how our lighting solutions can deliver not only performance and comfort, but also significant energy savings too.

Netherburn Primary School, UK

Netherburn Primary School, Lanarkshire

Quattro LED passes its first examination

Southwell School

Southwell’s Minster School, Nottinghamshire

‘‘I think the new school looks amazing…’’ That’s how Year 10 pupil Liz, describes Southwell’s new £34 million Minster School.
Our Lady's Primary School, UK

Our Lady’s Primary School, Buckinghamshire

Our Lady's Primary School switches to LED


City, University of London, United Kingdom

Thorn Luminaires add a fresh look to the newly refurbished City, University of London