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Return Policy

For the return of all unwanted Thorn and Thorn ECO goods please complete the Return of Goods form to submit a request.  Requests must include a valid ZG Product Code and relevant Invoice number(s).

Receipt of your request will be confirmed by email to the details provided upon submission and further updates will be provided in due course by the Customer Returns team. 

For additional assistance telephone: 0191 365 2222(selecting option 3 then 2) or email: [email protected] or [email protected].

Customers should not raise any debit notes before a Request for return (RFR) agreement number has been issued, as we cannot consider any unauthorised debit notes for return of goods and will request the cancellation of the debit note immediately.

We will look to respond to requests for return of goods within 48 hours. For the Thorn brand, once a return is agreed we will make two attempts to collect the goods. If the goods remain unavailable for collection after two attempts we will ask customers to withdraw their debit note. Authorisation is only valid for 30 days. All goods must be returned within this timeframe to be accepted.

For all returns please ensure packaging is secure and products on pallets are adequately secured, a copy of the returns note must be affixed to the pallet or package in a clearly visible position to enable us to identify the product and customer on return to our warehouse.

Thorn returns will be collected by via our logistics team based at our Spennymoor distribution centre within 7-10 working days in line with existing delivery schedules.

What Products can be returned?

  • Not all products are accepted for return.
  • Any modified or custom products are strictly non-returnable.
  • Thorn Trade and ECO product ranges with PDC codes NP, MB, MD, MV, NF and MK are returnable.  All returnable Thorn Trade and ECO products will not incur a handling charge.
  • Thorn specification products with PDC codes ME are returnable with a handling charge of 35%.

Criteria for Returnable Products

We are willing to consider the return of unwanted Thorn Trade Products (as defined above) as long as they are unused and with packaging in pristine condition. Our interpretation of pristine is:

  • Cartons generally clean, but can have minor marking’s.
  • The cartons can be slightly scuffed, but free from holes, indentations.
  • General construction of the cardboard should be intact and not collapsed through damp or squashing, particularly in the corners.
  • It should be clear that the condition of the carton has protected the product inside from damage.
  • To help you determine this we will not accept back any product that you would not be prepared to resell to your customers or buy yourself.
  • Products to be returned must have been purchased no more than 12 months ago.  The date code on the carton must also show the product to be no more than 1 year old.

If returned products are received in our distribution centre and determined to be older than the maximum of 1 year, or the product is in a condition that renders it non saleable, we will ask our customer if they would like the product returned and they will be requested to withdraw the debit note. If no response is given, the product will be scrapped after 5 business days.

All Thorn Trade products will be accepted with no handling charge providing that the following criteria applies to products to be returned:

  • In good resalable condition (see above)
  • Current range.
  • Accompanied by a Request for Return (RFR) Number.
  • An accurate debit note that quotes an approved Request for Return (RFR) number and states the purchase invoice numbers.
  • Products should have been purchased no more than 12 months ago.
  • The Product was manufactured no more than 1 year ago.
  • Standard Product

Our Customer Returns team will process the debit note and ensure that once goods have been returned and confirmed to be in resalable condition, the appropriate credit is issued as quickly as possible.  

Return of ZUMTOBEL BRAND, acdc and other goods

For the return of Zumtobel Brand, acdc and other goods please refer to the Zumtobel Returns Policy to identify the products eligible for return, associated criteria and applicable handling charges.

What if I want to request the return a mix of Zumtobel Group product Brands?

Complete the Return of Goods form listing all products to be returned ensuring that appropriate Invoice or Purchase Order numbers are included.

The above policies do not affect your statutory rights and should be read in conjunction with our standard terms and conditions of sale available on our website.