High Accuracy Positioning (HAP) / HAP ANTENNA Q35


Data Sheet

HAP is a Real Time Locating System (RTLS) with high accuracy to sub-meter levels, enabling the tracking of any objects (e.g. tracking customers via tracking carts and baskets in retail). HAP is based on BLE 5.1 and utilises the Angle-of-Arrival method to provide accuracy to the nearest metre.
Other parts of the HAP Locating System are HAP Tags and HAP Positioning Engine software which runs on a local server. The HAP Locating System allows you to locate and track any objects equipped with Quuppa Tags in an environment equipped with HAP Antennae. Data is forwarded via API to any 3rd party system or our IoT Platform (if ordered).
The HAP Antenna Type Q35 is an IP66-rated RF transceiver using the 2.4 GHz frequencies and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications such as industrial and retail (outdoor shopping trolley tracking).
The Antenna is powered via a 48 V PoE (Power over Ethernet).
The price is per Antenna.