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Thorn Lighting Gender Pay Gap Data

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Apr 03, 2018

Thorn Lighting Ltd’s gender pay gap data report.

Thorn Lighting Limited’s gender pay gap data report as of April 2018 is:

•             Women’s hourly rate is 18.4% lower (mean) and 5.3% lower (median).

•             Top salary quartile has 77.7% men and 22.3% women

•             Upper middle salary quartile has 73.7% men and 26.3% women

•             Lower middle salary quartile has 52.3% men and 47.7% women

•             Lower salary quartile has 49% men and 51% women

•             Women’s bonus pay is 88.8% lower (mean) and 34.2% lower (median)

•             7.1% of men and 3.5% of women received bonus pay

Through our non-discriminatory hiring, promotion and pay processes we are confident we have equal pay within Thorn lighting Ltd; equal pay ensures men and women are paid equally for work of equal value.

Gavin Brydon, VP Operations Spennymoor

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