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  • Vioo

Unobtrusive LED floodlight for outdoor/indoor window surround illumination

  • Precise ellipsoidal light beam for focused illumination
  • Discreet with no visible screws thanks to a clip locking mechanism
  • Small dimensions to appear invisible when installed on window surrounds
  • Adapts to all window types and windowsill inclinations with accurate adjustments inside the fixing plate

Materials and Finish

Product body front: painted die-cast aluminium (AB47100) with high corrosion resistance. Marine environment resistance as standard. Light grey (close to RAL 9006) and dark grey (close to RAL 9007). Other RAL colours available on request (minimum order of 20 pieces)
Front glass: polycarbonate
Cable: 1,5m HO5RN-F - 3x1mm²
Screws: A4 grade stainless steel screws with 2,5-3% molybdenum content for better corrosion resistance.

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for surface mounting using screws (not supplied). Ceiling installation is possible. Supplied with 1,5m HO5RN-F - 3 x 1mm² cable. Carefully position prior to fixing. Vioo can be precisely adjusted using 2 Allen keys. Through wiring is not possible.


To specify state:
Small floodlight with ellipsoidal light beam for window surround illumination, indoor and outdooe use, two body colours and two colour temperature versions (3000K/4000K).
As Thorn Vioo.

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DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
VIOO 1L120 740 ANT5200LED0.7196271769
VIOO 1L120 740 LGRY5200LED0.7196271767
VIOO 1L120 830 ANT5151LED0.7196271768
VIOO 1L120 830 L GRY5151LED0.7196271766