High-tech lighting for the high-tech office

The ubiquitous computer screen, the LCD or Plasma display screens seen in meeting rooms and receptions areas, and other hand-held gadgets: all require sensitive lighting to prevent reflections from obscuring information, especially those with high gloss finishes. A key requirement is the control of surface brightness on light fittings within the field of view of the display screen.

Menlo³ uses precision optics and state of the art diffusing and reflecting materials to provide a range of glare control options that avoid the disability glare of luminaire reflections in all types of display screen equipment. This prevents the user from having to constantly adjust their view to see around screen reflections, thus eliminating frustration and reducing fatigue, particularly for intensive computer screen users.

To view the glare options available in the Menlo3 range, view page 5 of the Product Brochure.