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A partnership for excellence

The Thorn Energy Partnership (TEP) is a worldwide venture between Thorn and lighting professionals. The overriding aimis to promote energy efficiency without sacrificing good lighting performance. By 2015, the TEP expects to save more than 25,000 tonnes of CO2 – and you can be part of that achievement.

Open to installers and contractors, all successful applicants become a TEP Partner and are supported with a 2-year certified training programme. This training ensures partners are equipped with the breadth and depth of knowledge required to successfully implement energy saving schemes with a quick, attractive pay back. TEP Partners also receive other benefits, including access to exclusive local events and networking opportunities.

Improve your performance

As a TEP Partner, we will support your energy saving projects every step of the way and help your enhanced credentials to deliver increased sales and higher profits. By sharing experience, knowledge and tools through local events, online training and seminars, the TEP creates a win-win-win situation, providing benefits for partners, end users and the environment.

Achieve a Bronze to Gold status

Once approved, TEP Partners have the opportunity to become a 'Recommended Installer for Energy Efficiency' and move up the rankings to a Bronze, Silver and eventually Gold level. Each climb in status brings additional benefits. Gold TEP Partners enjoy the uppermost recognition and credibility through exclusive PR exposure, including the opportunity to engage in promotional interviews, provide a guest speaker at a TEP event and attend Thorn's annual expert conference.

TEP is part of eControl

eControl is our all-encompassing initiative that makes it easier for you to understand, specify, install and maintain good quality, energy efficient lighting. Find out more about eControl.

Become an accredited TEP Partner

To learn more and become an accredited TEP Partner, please contact your local Thorn Energy Expert. For more information visit our dedicated, TEP portal

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