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Voyager Twin Spot / VOYAGER TWINSPOT 2x20w E3NM IP20 LI

96004128 / VYTS203NMIP20

Data Sheet

Self-contained twin 20W halogen IP20 emergency luminaire with steel white powder coat finish enclosure and hingeless front panel access, suitable for indoor use, for non-maintained emergency applications of 3 hour duration. Lamps separately adjustable in the vertical and horizontal planes for optimum exit route lighting. Maintenance free 12V sealed lead acid batteries (2 off) of 4-7 year design life, 24 hour recharge period, low voltage cut off, thermal and reverse polarity protected.
Current consumption 0.1A.
Units should be mounted at least 30° above line of sight

NOTE: Photometric data applies to single lamp only, two should be used and aimed separately in lighting designs.

Dimensions: 343 x 74 x 350 mm
Total power: 0.001 W
Weight: 8.56 kg

Mode selection
  • Lamp position:EM - emergency operation
  • Light Source:1 x QT 9 / 20W
  • Luminaire luminous flux*:236 lm
  • Lamp luminous flux:1 x 320 lm
  • Total emergency luminous flux:280 lm
  • Colour Rendering Index min.:90
  • Ballast:1x MAG TWINSPOT 01
  • QT 12V
  • CE
  • 850°
  • IP20
  • SC1
  • Ta=25


Photometric configuration


Use CalcExpress to quickly carry out quick online calculations of required indoor luminaire numbers for rectangular rooms. Enter the calculation parameters for your solution such as room dimensions, mounting height, height of the useful plane and required level of illuminance, and the site will instantly suggest a solution according to the light output ratio method.

Step 1: Technical data
Step 2: Room Data
Step 3: Result