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Stylish, tough wall or ceiling mounted luminaire with the emphasis on its slim section

  • Sealed to IP54
  • Available with a choice of bezel colours, complemented by an opal diffuser
  • Integral 3hr maintained emergency option
  • Wiith sensor and emergency lighting options

Materials and Finish

Body and trim: injection moulded polycarbonate.
Diffuser: opal poycarbonate.
Body and trim colours: white body with white, black, brass or polished chrome trim.

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for surface mounting. Rear BESA mounting provision with cable entry into 3 way terminal block suitable to accept 2x2.5mm².


To specify state:
Standard/Emergency circular surface luminaire with polycarbonate body and trim in white/black/brass/polished chrome. Polycarbonate opal diffuser and integral control gear for LED, 16/28/38W TC-DD, 28/38W TC-DDEL compact fluorescent lamps.
As Thorn Club.

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Club LED

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
CLUB 1000 LED2 E3 MWS OP RD CHR L840131000CL10ZSECH4KLED1.8096242256
CLUB 1000 LED2 E3 MWS OP RD WH L840131000CL10ZSEW4KLED1.8096242240
CLUB 1000 LED2 E3 OP RD CHR L840131000CL10ZECH4KLED1.7096242254
CLUB 1000 LED2 E3 OP RD WH L840131000CL10ZEW4KLED1.7096617057
CLUB 1000 LED2 MWS OP RD CHR L840131000CL10ZSCH4KLED1.6096242255
CLUB 1000 LED2 MWS OP RD WH L840131000CL10ZSW4KLED1.6096242239
CLUB 1000 LED2 OP RD CHR L830141000LED1.4096627554
CLUB 1000 LED2 OP RD CHR L840131000CL10ZCH4KLED1.4096242253
CLUB 1000 LED2 OP RD WH L830141000CL10ZW3KLED1.4096242277
CLUB 1000 LED2 OP RD WH L840131000CL10ZW4KLED1.4096617056