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  • ArrowFlex
  • ArrowFlex
  • ArrowFlex

Compact LED strips ideal for adding atmosphere and indirect lighting

  • 5m LED reel for seamless shadow free lighting
  • Strips can be cut to length onsite and joined via a solderless connection system, to match interior design requirements
  • Self-adhesive tape on the reverse ensures quick and easy installation

Materials and Finish

LED strip: flexible PCB.
Connector: plastic.

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for surface mounting onto straight and clean surfaces via self-adhesive tape on the reverse. Supplied with electrical connection and connector system.


To specify state:
Compact and flexible LED strip with self-adhesive tape on the reverse for fast installation, 60 LED/m for high lighting homogeneity and thermal control. Colour temperatures 2700K, 3000K or 4000K. Luminous flux up to 870lm/m. Solderless connection system. Max. length 5m, cut to size on predefined cutting marks, Width 8mm, height 2mm.
As Thorn ArrowFlex.

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Description   Catalogue No.Wt (kg)SAP Code
ARROWFLEX LED400-827 120° IP20ARX400Z27K0.4096642785
ARROWFLEX LED400-830 120° IP20ARX400Z3K0.4096642784
ARROWFLEX LED430-840 120° IP20ARX430Z4K0.4096642783
ARROWFLEX LED790-827 120° IP20ARX790Z27K0.4096642788
ARROWFLEX LED870-830 120° IP20ARX870Z3K0.4096642787
ARROWFLEX LED870-840 120° IP20ARX870Z4K0.4096642786

ArrowFlex IP65

Description   Catalogue No.Wt (kg)SAP Code
ARROWFLEX LED400-827 120° IP65ARX400Z2K650.9596665176
ARROWFLEX LED400-830 120° IP65ARX400Z3K650.9596665175
ARROWFLEX LED430-840 120° IP65ARX430Z4K650.9596665174
ARROWFLEX LED790-827 120° IP65ARX790Z2K650.9596665179
ARROWFLEX LED870-830 120° IP65ARX870Z3K650.9596665178
ARROWFLEX LED870-840 120° IP65ARX870Z4K650.9596665177