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AquaForce II

  • AquaForce II
  • AquaForce II

A highly durable, IP65 rated, luminaire for use in wet and dusty areas, where reliability is important

  • Deep gasket channel for an assured IP65 seal
  • Suspendable gear tray for easy maintenance
  • Connect, ready to install versions

Materials and Finish

Canopy and diffuser: injection moulded fire retardant polycarbonate.
Gear tray: sheet steel, white enamel finish
Toggles: polycarbonate (stainless steel available)

Installation and Mounting

Cable entry positions at the back and each end of the fitting. Stainless steel quick-fix brackets supplied with each luminaire. Toggle clips easy to fit and close by hand. Connect versions available with fast electrical connection facility. Conduit box mounting, chain suspension, conduit suspension and catenary suspension kits, plus through wire kits are all available (see accessories listing). Suitable for all indoor plus external 'under cover only' applications.


To specify state:
Deep channel, polycarbonate IP65 luminaire with stainless steel gear tray and stainless steel fixing clips.
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AquaForce II T16

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
AQUAF2 1x28W T16 HF L840AQ128ZFDHG52.1096236923
AQUAF2 1x35W T16 HF L840AQ135ZFDHG52.4096236924
AQUAF2 1x49W T16 HF L840AQ149ZFDHG52.5096236925
AQUAF2 1x80W T16 HF L840AQ180ZFDHG52.5096236926
AQUAF2 2x28W T16 HF L840AQ228ZFDHG52.5096236927
AQUAF2 2x35W T16 HF L840AQ235ZFDHG52.5096236928
AQUAF2 2x49W T16 HF L840AQ249ZFDHG52.5096236929

AquaForce II T16 dimmable

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
AQUAF2 1x35W T16 HFI L840AQ135DFDHG52.4096240564
AQUAF2 1x49W T16 HFI L840AQ149DFDHG52.4596240565
AQUAF2 2x35W T16 HFI L840AQ235DFDHG52.9096240566
AQUAF2 2x49W T16 HFI L840AQ249DFDHG53.4096240567

AquaForce II T16 emergency

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
AQUAF2 1x28W T16 HF E3 L840AQ128ZEFDHG52.9096236930
AQUAF2 1x35W T16 HF E3 L840AQ135ZEFDHG52.9096236931
AQUAF2 1x49W T16 HF E3 L840AQ149ZEFDHG53.5096236932
AQUAF2 2x28W T16 HF E3 L840AQ228ZEFDHG53.5096236933
AQUAF2 2x35W T16 HF E3 L840AQ235ZEFDHG54.7096236934
AQUAF2 2x49W T16 HF E3 L840AQ249ZEFDHG53.5096236935

AquaForce II T26

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
AQUAF2 1x36W T26 HF L840AQ136ZFDG131.8096503023
AQUAF2 1x58W T26 HF L840AQ158ZFDG131.8096503046
AQUAF2 1x70W T26 HF L840AQ170ZFDG133.7096503069
AQUAF2 2x36W T26 HF L840AQ236ZFDG132.6096503092
AQUAF2 2x58W T26 HF L840AQ258ZFDG133.1096503115
AQUAF2 2x70W T26 HF L840AQ270ZFDG133.0096503138

AquaForce II T26 emergency

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
AQUAF2 1x36W T26 HF E3 L840AQ136ZEFDG132.6096503031
AQUAF2 1x58W T26 HF E3 L840AQ158ZEFDG133.1096503054
AQUAF2 1x70W T26 HF E3 L840AQ170ZEFDG134.0096503077
AQUAF2 2x36W T26 HF E3 L840AQ236ZEFDG133.4096503100
AQUAF2 2x58W T26 HF E3 L840AQ258ZEFDG134.1096503123
AQUAF2 2x70W T26 HF E3 L840AQ270ZEFDG134.0096503146

AquaForce II T26 accessories

Description   Catalogue No.Wt (kg)SAP Code
FORCE2 28/36 PC CLIP KITAQPTG10.0496503160
FORCE2 28/36 RS CLIP KITAQSSTG10.0596503157
FORCE2 28/36 TW KIT HGFAQTW12.0096503163
FORCE2 35/49/58 PC CLIP KITAQPTG20.0596503161
FORCE2 35/49/58 RS CLIP KITAQSSTG20.0696503158
FORCE2 35/49/58 TW KIT HGFAQTW22.0096503164
FORCE2 MCA KIT0.1096233817
FORCE2 R 1x28/36/54AQLUR128/1360.5296235134
FORCE2 R 1x35/49/58/80AQLUR135/1580.1596235135
FORCE2 R 2x28/36AQLUR228/2360.2596235136
FORCE2 R 2x35/49/58AQLUR235/2580.6596235137