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Software Downloads

Thorn Lighting is committed to providing lighting software tools to support customers in the design of lighting schemes and product selection.


Overview of VIVALDI's key functions:

  • Interactive design tool to visually display lighting scenarios and dynamic lighting sequences interior and façade lighting.
  • Dynamically adjustable brightness levels and light colours.
  • Allows the display of daylight sequences to optimise the interplay of daylight and artificial lighting.
  • Displays changes of dimming levels and light colours in real time, including real-time calculation of the required energy and the photometric criteria.
  • Allows the creation of individual film sequences for the various lighting scenarios.

There are two different modes in VIVALDI:

  • In façade mode luminaires can simply be placed on photographs and the direct fraction of the light distribution is displayed on the photograph.
  • The general mode works with pre-calculated images from lighting simulation tools. Separately calculated images are imported for different lighting control groups, providing a more accurate visualisation. It is also possible to display the effects for interior or façade lighting obtained by dimming or through colour changes in real time, to save dynamic timelines and to integrate daylight sequences. In doing so, the program always takes account of illuminance levels and energy consumption. Images for VIVALDI can be exported from Relux automatically, as well as transferred from Dialux evo and other simulation programs as HDR or EXR images.

ecoCALC 5.0.5 [MSI/93MB]

ecoCALC now has a completely new output module that gives you full control over your presentation and includes new predesigned overview slides.

ecoCALC 5.0.5 has been updated to include some great new features. The NOW! module allows you to evaluate possibilities of leasing your new lighting solution. There’s a simple model for all users, or for registered users extended evaluation possibilities become available. Receive the best light to perform your tasks, without having to buy any luminaires or having to take care of their operation. ecoCalc helps you understand the true lifetime costs of leasing.

There are some other improvements too.We have a more comprehensive burning hours dialogue giving more stability. So if the start time is being set to the same value as the end time then ecoCALC assumes a 24h working time.

If you enter burning hours that exceed the maximum hours your chosen working days then all working days, burning hours will take precedence.

You can now Drag & drop LED luminaires with multiple light emitting modules or with multiple electric circuits.

ecoCALC V5.0.5 doesn't support Windows XP, so if you still have Windows XP then please use ecoCALC version 4.0.7.

ecoCALC 4.0.7 [MSI/96MB]

ecoCALC - balancing lighting quality, efficiency and costs
Version 4 of the ecoCALC calculation programme gives users the opportunity to calculate the full impact of a lighting solution throughout its life including now the Global Warming Potential of a solution based on Environmental Product Declaration data. This significant update allows users to evaluate the impact of intelligent controls and longer guarantees. No matter what your preferred measure, whether CO2 emissions, energy consumption, maintenance or specific financial methods ecoCALC can help you reach the answer. Version 4 uses a new file format (.ecp4) to support the new functions. Please do not uninstall ecoCALC3 if you wish to modify older projects.

ecoCALC 3.1.1 [MSI/102MB]

ecoCALC - balancing lighting quality, efficiency and costs
The new ecoCALC calculation programme gives users the unique opportunity to calculate all the costs incurred by a lighting solution throughout its service life. In the process, ecoCALC not only calculates the investment cost but also takes the financial aspects of an environmentally sound lighting system into account. These include, among others: CO2 emission, energy consumption, maintenance costs or waste disposal.

Thorn Product Explorer 6.8 (Plug-In for DIALux and Relux) [ZIP/246MB]

For successful installation of the Product Explorer your hard disc must be using the NTFS file system.

Installation sheets for use with Thorn Product Explorer (optional)

Sensa Software (Windows) [ZIP/63MB]
Designer software and interface editor for the Sensa range of lighting controls.

Sensa Software (Mac) [ZIP/48MB]
Designer software and interface editor for the Sensa range of lighting controls.

Sensa MasterConfigurator [ZIP/25MB]

Band² DMX addressing tool [ZIP/551KB]

Software for addressing of Thorn DMX Band² luminaires. This PC software makes it possible to read out and set parameters in Thorn DMX Band² luminaires.

Band² DMX addressing tool instruction manual [DOC/1MB]

Instruction manual for the Band² DMX addressing tool.

Sensa DMX Software [ZIP/59MB]

Sensa DMX User Manual and Datasheets [ZIP/5MB]

Sensa DMX User Manual, and product datasheets for the Sensa DMX range.