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Compact, rectangular discharge floodlight with a choice of beam patterns to light façades and architectural features

  • Two sizes with two beam patterns, produced by precision reflector systems, cylindrical parabolic and revolution
  • Wide selection of attachments, which can be superimposed one on the other to offer a variety of lighting effects. Accessories suitable for both sizes
  • Easy access to lamp, without removing attachments

Materials and Finish

Body: die-cast aluminium, grey powder coated close to RAL 9007. Other RAL colours on request.
Body screws: stainless steel.
Front lenses: 4mm toughened glass.
Accessory frame: die-cast painted aluminium.
Attachment retaining screws: nickel plated brass.

Installation and Mounting

Floodlight is fully adjustable on a standard stirrup. Aiming simplified by indicator on stirrup, locked via central Ø8mm Allen screw. Easy front access to lamp via two Allen screws. Lamp replacement possible without removing attachments. Cable gland for Ø7.5-13mm cable. Additional knockout provided for through wiring. Short stirrup accessory available for close wall mounting. Accessories mounted on the front with possible superimposition.


To specify state:
Rectangular, compact floodlight with concealed stirrup, in die-cast aluminium with asymmetric/symmetric/intensive/extensive optical system for 35W/70W/150W HIT-CE/HIT-DE/HST-DE lamps. Sealed to IP66.
As Thorn Qba.

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Qba Size 1

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
Qba 1 35W 240V HIT R/S EXT/LQB1M35EXMTG124.6096547094
Qba 1 70W 240V HIT R/S EXT/LQB1M70EXMTG124.6096547100
Qba 1 70W 240V HIT R/S INT/LQB1M70INMTG124.6096547099
Qba 1 70W 240V HIT-DE A/S/LQB1M70AMDRX7s4.6096547093
Qba 1 70W 240V HIT-DE S/S/LQB1M70SMDRX7s4.6096547097
Qba 1 70W 240V HST-DE A/S/LQB1S70ASDRX7s4.6096547102
Qba 1 70W 240V HST-DE S/S/LQB1S70SSDRX7s4.6096547103

Qba Size 2

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
Qba 2 150W 240V HIT R/S EXT/LQB2M150EXMTG126.1096547095
Qba 2 150W 240V HIT R/S INT/LQB2M150INMTG126.1096547096
Qba 2 150W 240V HIT-DE S/S/LQB2M150SMDRX7s-246.1096547098
Qba 2 150W 240V HIT-HST-DE A/S/LQB2M150AMDRX7s-246.1096547092

Qba Accessories

Description   Catalogue No.Wt (kg)SAP Code
QBA AGS (X4)QBBD0.4096012230
QBA LVQBLV0.6096012231
Qba Short StirrupQBSS0.3096012236
QBA VSQBV0.2096012228
QBA WGQBWG0.2096012229