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  • StyLED

A range of versatile, built to last, LED lanterns with oustanding optics (EQFlux®) for lighting major and minor roads

  • Dimming of stand alone and monitorable versions optimises energy use according to need
  • Light engine and controller housed in two separate, IP66 rated, compartments for optimised thermal management
  • Stain resistant and easily cleanable heat dissipator and light diffuser

Materials and Finish

Body and bracket: die-cast aluminium, powder coated texturised light grey (Akzo 150)
Enclosure: toughened glass, self-cleaning treatment available on request

Installation and Mounting

Luminaire mounts to bracket (short or long) via 2 screws inside the arm. Bracket (short or long) mounts to Ø60x 90mm long spigot. Junction secured by 2 rows of 3 screws at 120°. Cable gland for Ø8 to 13mm cable. Access to gear possible on site after screw release. Access to optic system possible at the workshop after screw release. Delivered ready to install with pre-set light distribution. Luminaire and bracket arm delivered in separate boxes.


To specify state:
An LED road-lighting luminaire for lighting classes up to ME2. Available in 2 outlines with slim surfaces, performance longevity through optimised heat dissipation. With options for photocells, dimming and lighting management system.
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StyLED Short NR

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
STYLED S 24L35 BP NR 740 CL1293073LED12.8096270303
STYLED S 24L35 NR 740 CL1293073LED12.8096270297
STYLED S 24L50 BP NR 740 CL1424199LED12.8096270304
STYLED S 24L50 NR 740 CL1424199LED12.8096270298
STYLED S 24L70 BP NR 740 CL1585579LED12.8096270306
STYLED S 24L70 NR 740 CL1585579LED12.8096270300

StyLED Short WS

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
STYLED S 24L35 BP WS 740 CL1293004LED12.8096270315
STYLED S 24L35 WS 740 CL1293004LED12.8096270309
STYLED S 24L50 BP WS 740 CL1424104LED12.8096270316
STYLED S 24L50 WS 740 CL1424104LED12.8096270310
STYLED S 24L70 BP WS 740 CL1585452LED12.8096270318
STYLED S 24L70 WS 740 CL1585452LED12.8096270312

StyLED Long NR

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
STYLED L 48L35 BP NR 740 CL1556142LED16.2096270325
STYLED L 48L35 NR 740 CL1556142LED16.2096270321
STYLED L 48L50 BP NR 740 CL1778388LED16.2096270326
STYLED L 48L50 NR 740 CL1778388LED16.2096270322
STYLED L 72L35 BP NR 740 CL1809212LED16.4096270341
STYLED L 72L35 NR 740 CL1809212LED16.4096270337
STYLED L 72L50 BP NR 740 CL111312582LED16.4096270342
STYLED L 72L50 NR 740 CL111312582LED16.4096270338

StyLED Long WS

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
STYLED L 48L35 BP WS 740 CL1556003LED16.2096270333
STYLED L 48L35 WS 740 CL1556003LED16.2096270329
STYLED L 48L50 BP WS 740 CL1778198LED16.2096270334
STYLED L 48L50 WS 740 CL1778198LED16.2096270330
STYLED L 72L35 BP WS 740 CL1809004LED16.4096270349
STYLED L 72L35 WS 740 CL1809004LED16.4096270345
STYLED L 72L50 BP WS 740 CL111312298LED16.4096270350
STYLED L 72L50 WS 740 CL111312298LED16.4096270346