Oracle / ORACLE 2C 400W HIT 240V CL1 EFL PN/L

96547028 / OR2CM400FGN

Data Sheet

Oracle is a road lighting lantern with IP66 optical and gear compartment, SC1 class, suitable for a wide range of different applications. Its light grey aluminium body, flat glass enclosure, and high quality materials ensure durability and recyclability.
The luminaire can be side entry (up to 60mm) and post-top (up to 76mm) mounted through an integral rotating spigot and it can be fixed with 2 screws and bolts to secure the initial position.
The optibloc system with Comfort concept for 400W HIT lamp and equipped with a magnetic ballast delivers uniform lighting distribution precisely where it is needed according to the application and lighting standards (EN 13201).
Oracle resolves the major issue of the Energy resources and offers the perfect solution reducing the Energy costs: Nema socket

Dimensions: 813 x 395 x 201 mm
Total power: 433 W

  • HIT
  • CE
  • IK08
  • IP66
  • SC1