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An asymmetric 'flat glass' floodlight for 250-600W discharge lamps with adjustable lampholder

  • Ideal for sports, functional and architectural applications
  • Light output is finely controlled to minimise light pollution
  • Four different light distributions for each lamp option. Troika Variable (60°-70°) uses a reflector in conjunction with a variable position lampholder, providing three distributions varying in intensity, beam width and peak angle intensity (I peak).
  • Broad selection of attachments, including a Lux Guillotine. This adjustable vertical light shield enables the light beam to be cut-off exactly where required and is therefore suitable for areas of extreme sensitivity to light spill

Materials and Finish

Body: re-cyclable pressure die-cast aluminium (LM2) EN AC 46100, powdered paint Azko Nobel dark sandy grey 900 (close to RAL 9007). Alternative white colour finish for indoor and swimming pools available on special request.
Gear tray cover: re-cyclable technopolymer (Polyamide reinforced with 20% glass fibre).
Glass: toughened, 5mm thick
Stirrup: galvanised steel, painted in grey.
Bolts and screws: stainless steel.
Glass fixing toggles: re-cyclable technopolymer (Polyamide reinforced with 20% glass fibre).
Reflector: ultra specular pre-anodised high grade aluminium.
Accessories frame: aluminium.

Installation and Mounting

Access to lamp via hinged glass released by four retained Allen screws and sliding toggles. Lamp replacement possible without removing attachments. Installation of gear tray and access to gear compartment via removable gear cover released by four retained Allen screws. Cable gland for Ø7.5-13mm cable. Additional knock out prepared for through wiring. Aiming is simplified by indicator on floodlight body. Stirrup fixed by bolts through central Ø22mm hole and two further Ø15mm holes positioned 100mm either side of the central hole. The 600W option may be used for interiors if the control gear is housed remotely from the fitting.


To specify state:
'Flat glass' asymmetric floodlight in die-cast aluminium with high grade technopolymer gear tray cover and adjustable lamp holder mechanism, sealed to IP65 (optical and gear compartment). Access to lamp via hinged glass with four retained fixing points. Installation of, and access to, gear tray via removable cover with integral respirator. Suitable for 250W/400W/600W HST, HST-DE and 250W/400W HIT, HIT-DE lamps.
As Thorn Troika.

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Description   Catalogue No.Wt (kg)SAP Code
TROIKA AGSTRBD1.1096008495
TROIKA CL1 KITTRC1K0.1096009607
TROIKA LVTRLV0.9596008497
TROIKA VSTRV3.3296008494
TROIKA WGTRWG2.0096008496