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High power LED floodlight for sports lighting applications

  • Unique quality of light with flickerfree operation suitable for HDTV broadcasting
  • Flexible optical system optimising lighting distributions for best in class results
  • Compact and low weight for minimal structural costs
  • Fully controllable solution enabling instant lighting, stepped illumination levels and event lighting with dynamic lighting scenarios

Materials and Finish

Body : die-cast aluminium (EN AC-47100), painted dark sandy grey (close to RAL 7043)
Frame and stirrup : die-cast aluminium (EN AC-44100), painted dark sandy grey (close to RAL 7043)
Glass: 5mm toughened, meeting requirements of CEI 60598-2-5
Screws: stainless steel.

Installation and Mounting

Stirrup fixed by a single bolt through Ø22mm hole or 105x17mm oblong hole, or by twin bolts through Ø15mm hole. Reversable stirrup allows hang down position. Frame fixed to stirrup with M10 Hex screw and M8 set screw. Tiltable LED modules fixed on frame with M8 screws and M5 set screw.
The LED modules are pre-wired with a 1m long cable and connected to a single harness. Electrical connection to the floodlight is done via a single multi-core cable (female connector supplied for quick plug-in connection) ; gear tray IP21 or gear box IP65 are installed remotely and supplied separately.
Precision aiming device available and adjustable on top or bottom of LED module.


To specify state:
High power LED floodlight for sports lighting applications. Offering the best in class quality of light (5700K / 90CRI) and flickerfree operation suitable for HDTV broadcasting. The floodlight has tiltable LED modules to optimise lighting designs and minimise the number of floodlights in an installation. Compact floodlight (26kg), highly resistant (IP66, IK08), 2 versions available for excellent optical performance at both Ta25° and Ta35°C. As Thorn Altis Sport.

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