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Le Mail

A fine XIX century bracket designed from original models discovered at the French wrought-iron craft museum

  • Decorative wall and pole mounting brackets for use with traditional lanterns or Decostyle
  • Designed to harmonise both in style and proportion with the designated lanterns

Materials and Finish

Hot dipped galvanised steel, black finish.

Installation and Mounting

Brackets : suitable with any column ø60 mm and ø54 mm inside, like Touraine or Ile de France.
To compensate a possible default in the horizontality or verticality, we recommend to use an adaptator (code 96002665)between the lantern and the bracket.

Consoles : Wall mounting brackets for EP145 use 3/4 inch BSP suspension, for Decostyle use 1 inch BSP suspension.

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Description   Catalogue No.Wt (kg)SAP Code
LEMAIL ARMx1 0,65M D49 S27GEPLMB65112.0096215483
LEMAIL ARMx1 0,8M D49 S27GEPLMB8122.0096215484
LEMAIL ARMx2 0,65M D49 S27GEPLMB65225.0096215485
LEMAIL ARMx2 0,8M D49 S27GEPLMB8243.0096215486