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Outdoor Lighting Controls

  • OLC

Thorn launch new scalable Radio Frequency Outdoor Lighting Controls solution.

In a bid to make outdoor lighting controls easier to understand and implement Thorn have released a simple portfolio for managing groups of luminaires or total city applications.

The new radio frequency (RF) based outdoor lighting controls system is designed to provide energy savings and remote data management for energy conscious cities and communities, offering complete application and cost flexibility with sensor-based and non-sensor based RF nodes.

One of the most innovative features includes the “moving light” functionality which programs the light to switch on and then trail cars, bicycles and pedestrians, guaranteeing that light is only activated when needed, reducing waste light and decreasing energy consumption.

To make life simpler and to be future ready RF OLC works on an open protocol to enable operation with other smart city functions and it has been designed with future proofed RF technology; ready for whatever lies ahead.

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