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Omega Pro 2

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With Omega Pro 2, it’s easier than ever for users to add smart functionality to lighting installations, and there is the option of innovative new optics to give an installation a dynamic edge. Omega Pro 2 can be installed as a recessed, surface-mounted or suspended luminaire.

Optics that make an impact

Omega Pro 2 uses Thorn’s O-Pec optical range, with three options aimed at different applications: an opal optic for a gentle, uniform appearance; a microprismatic optic for best-in-class spacing; and the new HX optic, with its bold hexagonal pattern, to bring a dynamic look and feel to the space, while keeping glare low.

Connect to the future

Additional functionality comes through the patented C-Kit – a range of accessories that empowers Omega Pro 2 to address an even wider range of education and office lighting challenges. This simple, plug-and-play system opens up a world of possibilities including DALI connectivity, wireless communication, emergency lighting and sensors for daylight depending dimming and presence detection. These sensors can be used to enable digital services such as space and desk management, indoor positioning services and remote monitoring.

The interchangeable C-Kit attaches to the back of Omega Pro 2 in moments. Just plug it in and it’s ready to go. If requirements change, C-Kit can be easily added or replaced at a later date.

Wireless control

C-Kit features two technologies to connect Omega Pro 2 wirelessly, either as an independent system through basicDim Wireless - Thorn’s cutting-edge Bluetooth-based wireless lighting control technology – or through BMlink, a solution for the wireless integration of luminaries into building management systems (such as KNX and BACnet). Either of these allows luminaires, sensors and switches to be configured and controlled from a smartphone or tablet using Thorn’s dedicated app. Users can call on pre-defined lighting scenes, or adjust the level and colour temperature of light manually, to suit all requirements.

Jakob Geppert, Senior Director Application Office says “Omega Pro 2 can do nearly everything and it also does lighting. With the innovative C-Kit, Omega Pro 2 is a panel for future-oriented office and education lighting. Moreover, C-Kit can incorporate new sensors and technologies as they become available. With three optics, three mounting options and the C-Kit, Omega Pro 2’s versatility is immense”. 



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