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Isaro Pro M

  • Isaro Pro

This robust and high-performance LED street lantern brings comfort and safety to any road or street.

Pressure to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions for outdoor lighting is stronger than ever. High-quality LED street lanterns offer a great solution, thanks to clever design, highly efficient light sources, long life and smart controls. Made of top-quality alloy, Isaro Pro is built to withstand all conditions, and to cope with physical impact and vibration. With a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours, it guarantees years of reliable performance, ensuring a low-cost of ownership. And with connectivity built in, it’s a truly futureproof solution. As well as being robust, this modern lantern is slim, sleek and performs brilliantly. With light output of up to 9 500 lm for the first size launched, Isaro Pro size S is powerful enough to handle streets, residential areas and car parks. Because every street is different, Isaro Pro uses Thorn’s unique R-PEC® optic to offer unprecedented optical flexibility. A choice of 14 precise light distributions is available for highly efficient and comfortable light, exactly where it is needed, whether lighting a residential street, a busy road or a pedestrian crossing.


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