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Altis Sport

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Thorn launches, a luminaire made for sport, suitable for HDTV broadcasting.

Over the past months Thorn has worked on designing a dedicated LED floodlight for sports lighting. The aim was to bring high performance LED lighting into this challenging application. The result isAltis Sport - a LED floodlight, constructed for demanding outdoor and indoor sports applications. The floodlight offers high performance, unique quality of light with a colour rendering index of 90 (5700K) suitable for HDTV broadcasting and extended lighting controls capabilities. In addition the luminaire delivers flickerfree lighting for superslow motion images of the best quality. Also available in the range is a luminaire covering general training and competition requirements with 4000K.

Designed to deliver success

Delivering up to 90 000lm in its 5700K version, Altis Sport facilitates superior and comfortable lighting design with fully tiltable LED modules and the possibility to include different optics into one floodlight. All these features ensure players, fans and TV spectators have the best possible viewing experience.

In the bid to satisfy all stakeholders Altis Sport is both compact and lightweight, benefiting from an optimised lumen/weight/size ratio for reduced structural costs and ease of installation. Additionally the gear tray is exceptionally small and has a low weight making it easy for contractors to integrate it into existing cabinets and stadium structures. To further simplify the installation process both floodlight and gear tray are supplied pre-wired.

Built to perform

Altis Sport represents all Thorn’s technical expertise and know-how in sports lighting design, fit for the most demanding sports projects. Its innovative and modular optical system delivers efficient and precise lighting to replace high power, energy intensive (1 and 2kW) HID floodlights.

However, LED cannot work alone in achieving maximum efficiencies and energy savings, so Altis Sport is fully compatible with a variety of controls solutions, extending its application possibility to creating effects and entertainment. This allows stepped illuminance for different competition levels, instant lighting for secure TV broadcasting, system supervision as well as well as the implementation of dynamic lighting scenarios to allow for a best in class fan experience.

Iain Macrae, Head of Global Lighting Applications Management at Thorn concludes: “This is an exciting step for us; Altis Sport provides a low energy consumption LED solution but is more than a mere alternative to traditional 2KW HID floodlights. It really brings sports lighting into a new dimension where LED bring added value to the application and a new approach to lighting.”

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