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IQ Wave surface & suspended

IQ Wave surface & suspended

Thorn’s ceiling luminaire for workplaces can now be surface mounted or suspended, creating a family of fittings.

Alumet Stage II

Alumet Stage II

More powerful, more flexible, and ready for the smart cities of the future.

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Voyager Fit

A super-compact, LED emergency luminaire.

Voyager Solid

Thorn’s new LED bulkhead makes emergency lighting easy.

Voyager Style

Introducing our new ultra-slim emergency luminaire.

Piazza II LED

An outdoor bulkhead featuring less than 2.5% upward light and a specialised light distribution for optimal path lighting.

Glacier II LED

New sizes and new colours – the new Glacier II LED can do more than ever.

Tonic Gyro

The global Tonic range now includes a gyro version, bringing the right lighting to retail applications and projects where a high flexibility is needed.

Tonic Gimbal

Our new gimbal-mounted spot completes the Tonic family of high-CRI luminaires for retail.

Thor Family

Thor is a family of smart urban lanterns and bollards for the cities of today and tomorrow.