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D-CO LED Spotlights

  • D-CO LED Spotlights

Family of distinctive spot lights for accent lighting or hotel and residential applications.

  • Miniature spotlight with short arm (rotates 355° and can be tilted through 80°)
  • Spotlight kits available consisting of 4 spots, individually pre-wired with connector cables and single converter (pre-wired with cable into central connector block)
  • Flexible arm version available with integral or remote gear for more inconspicuous integration
  • Both versions are available in two different colour temperatures (3000/4000k) with a 20° beam diameter

Materials and Finish

Housing: die cast aluminium, painted titan-grey close to RAL 9007
Cables: halogen free

Installation and Mounting

Fixed to surface using mounting bar and Philips head screw
Electrical connection by plug and socket for easy and quick installation


To specify state:
Surface mounted miniature spotlights with (adjustable and flexible arm), 3W LED light source.
As Thorn D-CO LED Spotlights

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D-CO LED Spotlights

Description   Catalogue No.Wt (kg)SAP Code
D-CO LED MINI SP 4/1x3W 3K20° 230V KITDCMS380VSPG3KKIT0.2696107967
D-CO LED MINI SP 4/1x3W 4K20° 230V KITDCMS380VSPG4KKIT0.2696107968

D-CO LED Spotlights without driver

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
D-CO LED MINI SP 1x3W 3K 20° 700mA GRY394DCMS95ASPG3KLED0.0996107965
D-CO LED MINI SP 1x3W 4K 20° 700mA GRY394DCMS95ASPG4KLED0.0996107966

D-CO LED Drivers

Description   Catalogue No.Wt (kg)SAP Code