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Graffiti S

  • Graffiti S
  • Graffiti S

Compact spotlights for PAR and QR tungsten halogen (50W/75W) lamps, which are available in a wide choice of beam angles

  • The pure and simple shape and the unobtrusive design features complement all environments and integrate well with a variety of architectural styles
  • Mains and low voltage versions available. Low voltage versions have an integral electronic transformer in adaptor or surface plate
  • DSI or momentary action switch controllable Phase dimmers (40-500VA and 40-1000VA) are sold separately and can be used for all versions of Graffiti S as central control of the whole track.

Materials and Finish

Body: die-cast aluminium wet painted white (close to RAL 9016) or silver/grey (RAL 9007)
Reflector: spun high grade anodised aluminium silver finish. Reflectors have facets that mix the light rays to ensure a uniform light beam
Stem: steel with high friction joint, silver/white finish.

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for 3 circuit multiadaptor or surface mounting. 2 x 1.5mm² screw terminal without looping possibilities. 10mm cable entry in the back and sides as break out for surface mounted versions. Rotation 0° - 360°, tilt 0° - 90°.
Track mounting: mechanical and electrical track connection is made using the track adaptor, which locates quickly and positively to the track via two stable clamping points with a simple clockwise turn of the fixing lever. Select the desired circuit (1, 2 or 3) using the selector on the top of the trackbox before installing onto the track.


To specify state:
Small spotlight for 50-75W PAR30, 50W PAR 16, 50W QR-CBC, halogen lamps.
As Thorn Graffiti S.

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