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Petrelux ExEn

  • Petrelux ExEn
  • Petrelux ExEn

ATEX Category 3 Certificated type EE xn linear fluorescent luminaire for use in hazardous locations

  • Clip in gear tray for quick maintenance
  • Stainless steel toggles ensure a reliable diffuser seal

Materials and Finish

Canopy: glass reinforced polyester - grey finish
Diffuser: injection moulded clear prismatic, UV stabilised polycarbonate
Gear Tray: steel - white enamel finish.
Toggles: stainless steel.

Installation and Mounting

2 x 20mm holes for cable entry - sealing plug supplied for one hole - located at end of fitting.
Fittings can be screw fixed direct to mounting surface, using suitable sealing and pressure washers, or snap fitted into stainless steel fixing clips (available as an accessory).


To specify state:
ATEX Certificated luminaire (Zone 2, Category 3 hazardous areas) suitable for 18/36/58W T26 (T8) linear fluorescent lamps. Glass reinforced polyester canopy with UV stablised polycarbonate prismatic diffuser and stainless steel toggles.
As Thorn Petrelux ExEn.

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Petrelux ExEn Luminaires

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
PETRELUX ExEn 2x18w T26 HFPXX218ZFDG132.4096200466
PETRELUX ExEn 2x36w T26 HFPXX236ZFDG134.1096200467
PETRELUX ExEn 2x58w T26 HFPXX258ZFDG135.5096200468

Petrelux ExEn Emergency Luminaires

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
PETRELUX ExEn 2x36w T26 HF E3PXX236ZEFDG135.1096200469
PETRELUX ExEn 2x58w T26 HF E3PXX258ZEFDG136.8096200470