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Petrelux 7 Series

  • Petrelux 7 Series
  • Petrelux 7 Series

ATEX Category 2 Certificated flameproof EExd linear fluorescent luminaire

  • Lightweight, slimline, compact profile
  • Threaded mounting point for secure fixing
  • Polycarbonate overtube for impact resistance
  • Slide out gear tray for easy and rapid lamp changing

Materials and Finish

Body: aluminium alloy finished Petrelux green. 2 pack epoxy with pre-treated and primed surface.
Overtube: polycarbonate.

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for suspended mounting. For rod mounting via 2 x M8 tapped holes, with fixing centres 18W=632mm, 36W=1242mm, 58W=1542, 70W=1806mm and 55W=1542mm. For chain suspension or tube mounting, accessory kits are available. 4x20mm cable entries, two at each end, with 3 plugs fitted. Terminals accept 4mm² max and are suitable for looping.


To specify state:
EEx d Flameproof fluorescent luminaire in aluminium alloy and polycarbonate overtube. Slide out gear tray IP66.
As Thorn Petrelux 7

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Petrelux 7 Series Luminaires

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<PETRELUX P7 1x18w T26 HFPX7118ZFDG135.9096100185
<PETRELUX P7 1x36w T26 HFPX7136ZFDG137.0096100186
<PETRELUX P7 1x70w T26 HFPX7170ZFDG139.2096102880
<PETRELUX P7 2x18w T26 HFPX7218ZFDG135.1096102881
PETRELUX P7 1x58w T26 HFPX7158ZFDG138.2096102879
PETRELUX P7 2x36w T26 HFPX7236ZFDG137.1096100187
PETRELUX P7 2x36w TC-L HFPX7236ZTCFSD2G115.5096102927
PETRELUX P7 2x58w T26 HFPX7258ZFDG138.0096102882
PETRELUX P7 2x70w T26 HFPX7270ZFDG1310.0096102883

Petrelux 7 Series Emergency Luminaires

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<PETRELUX P7 1x36w T26 HF E3PX7136ZEFDG139.9096100188
PETRELUX P7 1x58w T26 HF E3PX7158ZEFDG1311.0096102917
PETRELUX P7 2x36w T26 HF E3PX7236ZEFDG139.4096012602
PETRELUX P7 2x58w T26 HF E3PX7258ZEFDG1310.7096102918

Petrelux 7 Series Attach. & Access

Description   Catalogue No.Wt (kg)SAP Code