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ForceLED Pro

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  • ForceLED Pro

Vandal resistant dust and waterproof LED luminaire

  • Robust die-cast aluminium contruction and impact resistant up to 80 joules to withstand the harshest environments
  • Unique Safe-T locking system for easy installation, maintenance and to aid vandal resiliance
  • Dust and water resistant with rear gaskets and side/rear (inverted) glands allowing ingress protection to be maintained at IP66 after installation
  • Highly efficient LED light engine offers an energy saving alternative to fluorescents

Materials and Finish

Body: die-cast aluminium, powder coated dark grey
Diffuser: polycarbonate.
Safe-T Locking System (SLS): thermoplastic alloy of polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).
Gasket: liquid poured polyurethane.

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for: direct surface mounting with Quick-fix brackets or concealed Secure bracket.


To specify state:
Vandal resistant dust and waterproof LED luminaire. 4 500lm to 7 000lm, IP66, 4 x IK10, 3000/4000K, with unique safe-T locking system.
As Thorn ForceLED Pro.

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ForceLED Pro

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
ForceLED Pro 3000-830 HFI273020FLP4500D3KLED4.0096628064
ForceLED Pro 3000-840 COR263030FLP4500C4KLED4.0096628261
ForceLED Pro 3000-840 COR MWS263030FLP4500CM4KLED4.0096628265
ForceLED Pro 3000-840 COR MWS RF263030FLP4500CMW4KLED4.0096628266
ForceLED Pro 3000-840 COR RF263030FLP4500CW4KLED4.0096628264
ForceLED Pro 3000-840 HF263030FLP4500Z4KLED4.0096628255
ForceLED Pro 3000-840 HF MWS263030FLP4500ZM4KLED4.0096628259
ForceLED Pro 3000-840 HF MWS RF263030FLP4500ZMW4KLED4.0096628260
ForceLED Pro 3000-840 HF RF263030FLP4500ZW4KLED4.0096628258
ForceLED Pro 3000-840 HF TW263030FLP4500ZTW4KLED4.0096628256
ForceLED Pro 3000-840 HFI263030FLP4500D4KLED4.0096628062
ForceLED Pro 3000-840 HFI TW263030FLP4500DTW4KLED4.0096628262
ForceLED Pro 6000-830 HFI516000FLP7000D3KLED8.5096628065
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 COR496000FLP7000C4KLED8.5096628273
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 COR MWS496000FLP7000CM4KLED8.5096628277
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 COR MWS RF496000FLP7000CMW4KLED8.5096628278
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 COR RF496000FLP7000CW4KLED8.5096628276
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 HF496000FLP7000Z4KLED8.5096628267
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 HF E3496000FLP7000ZE4KLED8.5096628269
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 HF MWS496000FLP7000ZM4KLED8.5096628271
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 HF MWS RF496000FLP7000ZMW4KLED8.5096628272
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 HF RF496000FLP7000ZW4KLED8.5096628270
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 HF TW496000FLP7000ZTW4KLED8.5096628268
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 HFI496000FLP7000D4KLED8.5096628063
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 HFI E3496000FLP7000DE4KLED8.5096628275
ForceLED Pro 6000-840 HFI TW496000FLP7000DTW4KLED8.5096628274

ForceLED Pro Accessories

Description   Catalogue No.Wt (kg)SAP Code
ForceLED Pro Secure bracket kitFLPSBKIT2.6096628090