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  • Duoproof
  • Duoproof

A range of durable IP65 recessed luminaires

  • Welded frame corners provide a smooth and easy to clean surface
  • Diffuser frame secured by 1/4 turn fasteners for quick installation
  • Retention cords hold diffuser for easy maintenance
  • Suitable for use in cleanroom classifications to EN ISO 14644-1 (Classes 5 to 9)

Materials and Finish

Body: zinc coated sheet steel, white stove enamelled finish
Frame: extruded aluminium with welded corners, EPDM gasket, with white stove enamelled finish (RAL 9016)
Diffuser: opal PMMA

Installation and Mounting

Designed for installation into various ceiling types. Suitable for exposed tee ceiling grids using 15mm or 24mm tee widths and a maximum tee height of up to 50mm. In solid/plaster board ceilings suitable apertures are recommended to support the weight of the luminaire. Luminaires are not suitable for use in concealed ceilings or certain spring tee ceiling grids such as SAS 120 / Armstrong Orcal 1800. When installed into an SAS 150 / Orcal 3000 spring tee ceiling grid the luminaire diffuser frame will not fit flush to the ceiling tile. Please consult the ceiling manufacturers technical specification for compatibility. Duoproof has 4x 8mm holes for suspension rods in the housing. Grommets supplied. 20mm cable entry holes are provided. Diffuser is held in by 1/4 turn fasteners and retention cord.


To specify state:
Recessed IP65 sealed LED luminaire. Frame design with welded corners, EN ISO 14644-1 Cleanliness Class 5-9, diffuser.
As Thorn Duoproof.

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Duoproof LED

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
DUOPRF LED3800-840 HF 1200X300374000DP3800Z12X3LED7.1596628428
DUOPRF LED3800-840 HF E3 1200X300374000DP3800ZE12X3LED7.6796628429
DUOPRF LED3800-840 HFI 1200X300374000DP3800D12X3LED7.1596628430
DUOPRF LED3800-840 HFI E3 1200X300374000DP3800DE12X3LED7.6796628431
DUOPRF LED4100-840 HF E3 Q600343800DP3800ZELED9.0096628425
DUOPRF LED4100-840 HF Q600343800DP3800ZLED7.5096628424
DUOPRF LED4100-840 HFI E3 Q600343800DP3800DELED9.0096628427
DUOPRF LED4100-840 HFI Q600343800DP3800DLED7.5096628426

Duoproof T16

Duoproof T16 dimmable

Duoproof T16 emergency

Duoproof T16 dimmable, emergency

Duoproof T26 luminaires

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<DUOPRF 3X36W T26 HF IP65 L840DP336ZFDG1310.3096535724
DUOPRF 2X36W T26 HF IP65 L840DP236ZFDG138.5096535720
DUOPRF 2X36W TC-L HF IP65 L840DP236TCZFSD2G118.6096535727
DUOPRF 2X58W T26 HF IP65 L840DP258ZFDG1310.4096535721
DUOPRF 3X18W T26 HF IP65 L840DP318ZFDG138.6096535723
DUOPRF 4X18W T26 HF IP65 L840DP418ZFDG138.7096535725
DUOPRF 4X36W T26 HF IP65 L840DP436ZFDG1310.5096535726

Duoproof T26 emergency luminaires

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
DUOPRF 2X36W T26 HF E3 IP65 L840DP236ZEFDG1310.5096535728
DUOPRF 2X36W TC-L HF E3 IP65 L840DP236TCZEFSD2G1110.6096535733
DUOPRF 3X18W T26 HF E3 IP65 L840DP318ZEFDG1310.6096535729
DUOPRF 3X36W T26 HF E3 IP65 L840DP336ZEFDG1312.3096535730
DUOPRF 4X18W T26 HF E3 IP65 L840DP418ZEFDG1310.7096535731
DUOPRF 4X36W T26 HF E3 IP65 L840DP436ZE12.5096535732