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DB Bulkhead

  • DB Bulkhead

A ruggedly constructed, cast aluminium bulkhead, dust tight and jet proof designed around the 70W HSE lamp

  • Ideal for localised lighting in industrial applications
  • Robust cast aluminium body and glass lens, both of which are impact resistant and corrosionproof

Materials and Finish

Body: pressure die cast LM6 aluminium, hammer grey finish
Bowl: moulded borosilicate prismatic glass in hinged aluminium frame
Fixings: stainless steel Allen screws
Reflector/gear tray: steel, painted white finish

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for mounting direct to ceiling or wall. M20 cable entry at each end, one with removable plug for through wiring. Suitable for 40°C maximum ambient depending on orientation.


To specify state:
Cast aluminium bulkhead for 70W HSE high pressure sodium lamps, with moulded glass cover and IP65 protection.
As Thorn DB bulkhead.

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DB Bulkhead Luminaires

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
DB 1x70w HSE LIDB70SEE276.0096008261