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Cruz 280

  • Cruz 280
  • Cruz 280

Performance downlight for large area, high ceiling applications

  • High LOR in combination with high wattage CFL amalgum lamps (2x42W = 77% LOR)
  • Rapid installation downlight (average mounting time takes only seconds) supported by the sophisticated, patented SEC-LOCK spring mechanism
  • Choice of powerful discharge or CFL versions, extending spacings and savings
  • Digital dimming and emergency versions (manual test or SelfTest / addressable test) available as standard.

Materials and Finish

Body: sandblasted die-cast aluminium
Gear cover: black polycarbonate
Reflector: high grade anodised aluminium
Clips: stainless steel, quick-fix via sec-lock mechanism
Bezel: die-cast aluminium

Installation and Mounting

Tool-free rapid installation without previous disassembly; patented sec-lock keeps product in place (1-35mm ceiling thickness). Integrated strain relief. 3 pole (3x2x2.5mm²) piano key terminal block as standard in fixed output versions (dimming versions with 5 or 6 poles). Choice of weight distribution ring (accessory) for soft ceilings, can be installed through the cut out. Attachments easily mounted by tool free bayonet function. All common connectors to order. integral or remote gear tray according to the application needs.


To specify state:
Horizontal recessed downlight for (280mm cut out) with die cast aluminium body and sec-lock fixing for rapid installation. Comes with 26W TC-DEL / 32-57W TC-TELI compact fluorescent, 70-150W HIT metal halide and 50-100W white SON lamps. For emergency versions please specify E3 for manual testing or E3TX for SelfTest / addressable testing.
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Cruz 280 V discharge (remote gear)

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CRUZ 280V 1x50W HST GX12 HF L825CZ280150ZVSTHGX12-11.2096108291

Cruz 280 H (remote gear)

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CRUZ 280H 1X57W TC-TELI HF L840CZ280157ZHFSMGX24q-51.5096108277
CRUZ 280H 2X42W TC-TELI HF L840CZ280242ZHFSMGX24q-41.5096108286

Cruz 280 H dimmable (remote gear)

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CRUZ 280H 1x57W TC-TELI HFI L840CZ280157DHFSMGX24q-51.7096108574
CRUZ 280H 2x42W TC-TELI HFI L840CZ280242DHFSMGX24q-42.2096108570

Cruz 280 H emergency (remote gear)

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CRUZ 280H 2X42W TC-TELI HF E3 L840CZ280242ZEHFSMGX24q-42.4096108346