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Chalice 190C Surface

  • Chalice 190C Surface
  • Chalice 190C Surface

A range of surface mounted downlights for compact fluorescent /discharge lamps with a variety of decorative attachments

  • Ideal for commercial offices, corridors and under canopies
  • Wide choice of lamp types, wattages and orientation, including horizontal and vertical compact fluorescent lamps
  • Attachments in opal or clear polycarbonate with frosted rim
  • Choice of high frequency or conventional control gear

Materials and Finish

Body: aluminium, white (close to RAL 9016)
Bezel: polycarbonate, white.
TC-DEL: specular vacuum metallised plastic.
HIT: Stamped ripple facetted specular anodised aluminium, supplied complete with 3mm protective glass.

Installation and Mounting

2 key hole fixing points in the installation plate directly to the ceiling, fixing centres: 162mm. Four screws retaining the body to the installation plate. Reflector is retained by a bayonet twist and lock function. 3x2x2.5mm² push in terminal block and two 20mm cable entrances with grommets. Two opposite breakouts for surface mounted cable.
Body height: Horizontal lamp - 175mm
Vertical lamp - 250mm.


To specify state:
Surface downlight 18/26W TC-DEL with specular reflector. 70W HIT with facetted reflector. Choice of attachments.
As Thorn Chalice 190C Surface mounted.

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Chalice 190C Surface Horizontal

Description   Catalogue No.TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CHALICE C 190H 2X18W TC-DEL HF L840CHCH218ZFSQG24q-21.5096536100