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Cetus Mini

  • Cetus Mini
  • Cetus Mini

Highly efficient and economical downlight range with fire-rated variants

  • Competitive multi-purpose downlight ideal for lighting homes and public buildings
  • Integrated phase-cut dimmable LED driver
  • Designed for safety and modern ceilings, perfect for both new builds and renovation
  • Available as IP20 and IP65 for bathrooms both with a choice of white or chrome finishes

Materials and Finish

Body: Steel, white
Cover: Polycarbonate, red and white
Bezel: Aluminium, white or chrome

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for indoor recessed ceiling mounting, ceiling thickness 13-35mm, simple installation with through wiring and integrated cable gland, 2x3-way mains terminal block.
Cut-out diameters: Cetus Mini FH: 77mm, Cetus Mini FH AJ: 87mm.


To specify state:
Recessed downlight with fire-rating protection, 550Llm with dimming option. Colour temperatures 2700, 3000 or 4000K. Choice of two bezels in white or chrome.
As Thorn Cetus Mini.

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Cetus Mini Fire rated

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
CETUS MINI FH LED550-827 AJ IP20 CHR SA6520LED0.5496665715
CETUS MINI FH LED550-827 IP65 CHR SA6520LED0.5496665712
CETUS MINI FH LED550-830 AJ IP20 CHR6540CMA550C3KLED0.6096272525
CETUS MINI FH LED550-830 AJ IP20 CHR SA6540LED0.5496665714
CETUS MINI FH LED550-830 IP20 CHR6550CMF550C3KLED0.5096272529
CETUS MINI FH LED550-830 IP65 CHR6550CMP550C3KLED0.5096272523
CETUS MINI FH LED550-830 IP65 CHR SA6550LED0.5496665711
CETUS MINI FH LED550-840 AJ IP20 CHR6580CMA550C4KLED0.6096272524
CETUS MINI FH LED550-840 AJ IP20 CHR SA6580LED0.5496665713
CETUS MINI FH LED550-840 IP20 CHR6600CMF550C4KLED0.5096272528
CETUS MINI FH LED550-840 IP20 WH6600CMF550W4KLED0.5096272526
CETUS MINI FH LED550-840 IP65 CHR6600CMP550C4KLED0.5096272522
CETUS MINI FH LED550-840 IP65 CHR SA6600LED0.5496665710
CETUS MINI FH LED900-827 AJ IP20 CHR SA10831LED0.5496665721
CETUS MINI FH LED900-827 IP65 CHR SA9858LED0.5496665718
CETUS MINI FH LED900-830 AJ IP20 CHR SA10871LED0.5496665720
CETUS MINI FH LED900-830 IP65 CHR SA9889LED0.5496665717
CETUS MINI FH LED900-840 AJ IP20 CHR SA10950LED0.5496665719
CETUS MINI FH LED900-840 IP65 CHR SA9980LED0.5496665716