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  • Contour

A versatile luminaire range for performance lighting in a highly modular design

  • Sleek, modern design with high quality matt finish and colour options to enhance the surrounding space
  • Minimal energy consumption T16 (>75Llm/W) lamps with integrated control options
  • Modular design can be surface mounted or suspended, individually or in flexible continuous systems
  • Comprehensive range of optics and distributions to suit any project specification. Direct/Indirect versions offer minimum 30% upward light.

Materials and Finish

Body: extruded aluminium in anodised silver finish with grey painted trim (RAL 9007); or painted matt white (RAL 9003) with contrasting white trim (RAL 000 85 00) or grey trim (RAL 9007).
Backplate: sheet steel painted white
Endcap: moulded polycarbonate painted white (RAL 000 85 00) or grey (RAL 9007)
Louvre optic: anodised aluminium.

Installation and Mounting

Surface (D): Luminaire fixes to ceiling via keyhole slots at 700mm (1200mm version) or 1000mm (1500mm version) centres. Can also be suspended for direct illumination via optional suspension kit 96551444. Electrical connection via 20.5mm holes at end into piano key terminal blocks. Asymmetric version can also be wall mounted with bracket kit 96551442 (white) or 96551443 (grey). Suspended (DI): Luminaire is self-balancing and suspended via 2 adjustable 1.5m long quick lock single suspension wires (supplied) at 1115mm (1200mm version) and 1415mm (1500mm version) fixing centres. Electrical connection via pre-fitted 2.6m LSOH white or grey mains cable. All versions are suitable for mounting end to end in continuous rows or in flexible systems using appropriate length infills or 90 degree, T shape or cross shape connector modules with corresponding connecting kit for mechanical connection and through wiring kit (all sold separately).


To specify state:
Slim T16 surface direct or suspended self-balancing direct/indirect luminaire with minimum 30% upward LOR, in white, grey or white and grey with double parabolic performance louvre optic, mounted individually or in continuous systems, with dimmable and emergency versions.
As Thorn Contour.

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Contour Accessories

Description   Catalogue No.Wt (kg)SAP Code
JUP3 / CONTO D TWKIT 1200MMJUTWK12000.5096241827
JUP3 / CONTO D TWKIT 1500MMJUTWK15000.5096241828