Data Sheet

Wall mounted scene plate allowing to set and select up to 6 scenes, showing two buttons for On and Off control, two buttons for temporarily overriding the light level, and six scene buttons for setting and recalling six scenes: Scene 1 is the daylight-linked scene for maintaining the specified light level over the day. Scenes 2 to 6 may be programmed to create the required scene by using the raise and lower buttons for adjusting all detectors linked by group, or by using the remote control SENSALINK SENLRC (96102981) to set individual detectors. The scene is then stored by holding down the button corresponding to the scene until the luminaires flash to acknowledge the new setting. During this procedure, the LED for the scene being adjusted will flash. Once the scene has been stored, however, the LED will be on constantly whenever that scene is selected. When using the two light level override buttons, the LED on the scene button will flash to show that the system is no longer in a pre-set scene. The system will remain in this state until it receives a new command or time-out occurs. The unit provides an additional digital dimming output for luminaires not controlled via SensaLink multi-sensors: one group of dimmable luminaires containing up to 25 ballasts in total (either DSI or DALI compatible - not mixed - to be configured via SENSALINK SENLP (96102983)) can be connected and integrated into the Sensalink installation.