96102982 / SLKDR

Data Sheet

SensaLink Remote Detector Head (recessed). This device provides a DSI output to operate standard dimmable luminaires and needs to be commissioned. Light level is adjustable using the SensaLink remote controller or SensaLink programmer.
Programmer must be > 0.5m from detector head when transmitting.

Operating Voltage: 230V
Mounting height: 3m max
Range 7m dia at 2.5m ceiling height
Depth required behind ceiling: 125 mm
Colour: white
Material: Flame retardant ABS
IP: 53
Capacity: 8 DSI ballasts
Weight 0.07kg
Ceiling cut out: 50mm dia.
Photocell: Regulating (operational in scene 1 only)

Cable colours:
Brown: Live
Blue: Neutral
Orange and White: DSI output
Violet: + SensaLink bus
Grey: - SensaLink bus
Red: Optional dimming input

  • CE
  • Ta=25