96013499 / SLKDUBT

Data Sheet

This device expands the scope of the SensaLink by allowing basic luminaires (with magnetic gear or electronic fixed output ballasts) and non-lighting loads to be brought into the system. It also allows external devices to provide inputs into the system. It must be commissioned using the SensaLink programmer Programmer.

Mains supply terminals suitable for 1x 4mm² or 2x 2.5mm² conductors.
Range to SensaLink programmer: 0.2m
Voltage: 230V
Product rating & recommended circuit protection: 10A
Digital dimming output load: up to 20 DSI ballasts
Power consumption: <10W
Weight: 112g
Size: 175 x 125 x 75 mm
This device presents a load of 1 unit to the SensaLink bus.

  • CE
  • Ta=25