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Thorn Shortlisted in the Lux Awards 2015!

  • Wembley Stadium Lux Awards Shortlist
Sep 29, 2015

A major project completed by Thorn Lighting for Wembley Stadium connected by EE, has made the project shortlist at the Lux Awards 2015!

The Lux Awards is the lighting award ceremony that recognises and honours not just the people in the industry, but the customers who are doing great things with low-energy lighting.

In 2014 Thorn replaced the stadium's iconic arch lighting with a custom LED lighting system designed for full colour and special moving lit effects. The new interactive lighting means the arch can be illuminated in an endless range of colourful and dramatic lighting effects. Pat Holley, Senior Lighting Designer at Thorn, who helped to create the lighting design scheme throughout the project, explains: "The arch's lighting system consists of a dynamic floodlight with red, green, blue and white LED chips. 50% of the LED chips are white and the remaining are equal quantities of red, green and blue. This will allow the arch to have unlimited lighting effects - both dynamic or static - with colours and movement to suit all events and occasions."

Kevin Stubbs, UK Technical Manager, adds: "Importantly, Wembley wanted the new 'whiter' LED white to match the white achieved with the old metal halide system. We therefore had to tune the LED white to achieve this consistency." The new arch has reduced the lighting maintenance requirements and the colour appearance has vastly been improved. The usage of LED technology allows for instant and full interactivity and provides great energy savings which are increased in combination with the installed controls system. 

The winner of the Lux Awards will be announced at the awards ceremony which takes place at the The Troxy, London on Thursday, 19 November 2015!

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